Why You Need to Have a “Base Product” to Compliment Your Training!

Why You Need to Have a "Base Product" to Compliment Your Training!

Dear Trainer,

You’re about to find out one of the most powerful ways to compliment your training so you can double your clientele and attract twice as many clients to work with you!

How so? Well, here’s what it’s all about…

When I started training, I figured you just… well… trained people. And, maybe on occasion you wrote up a workout routine for your clients.

But… I had no idea what was possible in terms of creating a “base product” to compliment your training. And you know what? This was a HUGE lesson.

Here is why…

Having a “Base Product” Doubled My Income!

I’m not exaggerating. Let me explain. When my mentor showed me how he made over $100,000.00 per year, part of it was his “base product.” In fact, about 40% of his revenue was coming from his “base product” over and above pure training revenues.

By the way… his “base product” also allowed him to attract other types of clients who wouldn’t otherwise have been interested in working with him. You see, some people aren’t interested in training, but they ARE interested in nutrition, or having a plan made for them, ore even having some coaching to keep them accountable.

By having a “base product” you can attract more types of clients, get them more involved with your services and even help get better results with your clients.

A “base product” also…

Gives you an edge over your competition…

…by stacking on more value and benefits for potential clients.

So… what is a good “base product”? The answer is simple. It’s a product that offers complimentary benefits to personal training but doesn’t prevent people from training with you. It’s a product that will help personal training clients do EVEN BETTER if they are already working with you. It’s a product that has a mass appeal all on its own.

In my case (and my mentor’s case) the “base product” was a nutrition, cardio, and weight training plan that would compliment our training programs.

Here’s how it works… if a client signs up to train with me, I explain how much better they will do when get the program because it will “fill in the gaps” for their nutrition and cardio – everything they do when I’m not working with them.

On the other hand, if a client isn’t interested in training, I’ll sell them the program, then down the road they often want me to train them because they see how much value I can add as a trainer.

By now you can see the value in a “base product” and why you would want to create one… but …

There’s a key element for a good “base product”

And that’s pricing it. If you price it too low, it defeats the purpose. If you price it too high, it cuts into your training.

But there is a sweet spot… somewhere between $200-$400 is an optimal range for this “base product” because – at this range – your “base product” will create enough income to supplement your training income AND also be priced right to sell it in conjunction with your training!

Now… how to put this “base product” together, how to sell it and how to make sure it is valuable is beyond this article, but is absolutely necessary to ensure it works properly.

In the mean time, get started with figuring out your “base product” and how you can compliment your training!

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