The Six Figure Trainer Jump-Start Course: Part 4

The Fastest Way To Build
Your Business & Succeed!

“Exclusively limited to a select few, serious
 personal trainers!

“If You’ve Got 60 Minutes To 90 Minutes A Week For 8 Weeks Stu Schaefer Will Personally Teach You His Insider Secrets For Making $70,000.00… $80,000.00… Even $100,000.00 While Working Only 3-4 Days A Week As A Personal Trainer!”

Announcing: Stu Schaefer’s new, 8-week private e-class titled: “Advanced Secrets of Successful Personal Training”.  There’s a strict enrollment limit of 21 students (7 spaces have already been reserved)… so… please read this entire letter immediately for full details…

From the desk of:
Rick Jenson
Master Personal Trainer
Tuesday 9:37 a.m.
March 19, 2019

Dear Friend,

If you’d like Stu Schaefer to take you by the hand and personally show you how to copy his personal training success, then this will be the most exciting message you’ll ever read!

Here’s why:

Recently, I received a phone call from Stu.  He was excited… almost ecstatic!  He said, “I’ve done it.  “Done what?” I replied.   “I’ve finally figured out how to offer the personal mentoring and coaching my personal training students have been begging me for for years… without… giving up my entire life to do so.”

Stu then went on to explain to me the finer details of his new program and asked if I’d write a letter explaining it.  I agreed.  A little reluctantly, I admit, because my plate was already full to overflowing.  But nonetheless, since Stu has always been more than generous with me, I agreed.

So that’s what the rest of this letter will be about. But, let me WARN YOU: Even though Stu has figured out an efficient way to offer you personal coaching and mentoring… he still has to limit the class to just 21 students.  And, 7 students have already paid to reserve their space.  That means…

There Are Only 14 Spaces Left!

Also, classes are starting soon… so… you can’t “think” about this.  You need to read this letter right now and respond immediately if you want Stu’s personal attention.

With that said, let’s get going…

Next week, Stu is starting a private 8-week e-class titled, “Advanced Secrets of Successful Personal Training.”  Now, you may be wondering what an e-class is and how it works.  It’s pretty simple, actually.  Each week Stu will present a lesson.  Along with this lesson, you will be given an assignment to complete.  (Don’t worry, it won’t be complicated.  Stu is going to give you exact, step-by-step instructions.)  Then, when you complete the assignment, Stu reviews it on the next lesson and give his feedback and suggestions for success.  Like I said, pretty simple.

However, even though this is a simple process, what you are going to be discovering will e extremely powerful and profitable.  These lessons are designed to take you from where you are now, wherever that may be, to the ranks of super-successful personal trainer for the rest of your life!

Here are the lessons, week by week, along with some of the advanced, ultra successful personal training secretes you’ll be getting.

Lesson 1: The 4 Fundamentals To Quickly Launch Your Career As A Trainer


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • How to get certified the fastest and cheapest way possible so you can get a job and start training clients right away! (You’ll also save hundreds of dollars by avoiding the “test prep scams”!)

  • The 3 things you must do immediately after you get certified if you want to succeed!

  • The absolute best strategy to build your client base! (Whether you want to be an online-trainer, in-home trainer, or an in-gym trainer… this is the strategy you will need to start strong!)

  • How and when to set your prices and raise your prices! (This is a top fundamental you must learn if you’re to have any chance of succeeding as a trainer and earning a great living!  Most trainers miss this and they end up quitting!)

  • Why age doesn’t matter! (In fact, being older can work to your advantage if you know how to position yourself!)

  • The do-it-yourself test prep method that gives you the highest change of passing your test on the first try! (Most DIY trainers end up taking the test 3-4 times and spending an extra $300!)

  • The fastest, cheapest way to get your continuing ED credits… And which courses to take so you get the most bang for your money and attract more new clients! (This is key to build your knowledge the right way so you get more clients and a return on your investment!)

  • Which test-prep courses are legitimate… and the best ones to take for the lowest price! (This will
    save you hundreds… maybe even thousands of dollars!)

  • If you’re already certified, the 4 keys you need to have so that you’re hirable and so gyms want you!

  • How to study, take, and pass your certification in just 8-10 weeks! (I personally studied for – and passed – the exam in 8 weeks and was up and running in a flash after following this one tip!)

  • And much more!

Lesson 2: How To Choose The Right Gym AND Get Any Gym To Practically Beg You To Come Work For Them


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • How to find the “right” gym to work at, which will make the difference between you building a successful business or having to quit after just a few months from lack of clients!

  • What to do if you’re in the wrong gym and need to switch gyms! (And how to keep all of your clients so you don’t have to start over!)

  • The fail-safe way to transition into training if you currently have a job and need the income! (This way you only leave your job when you have the income you want from training!)

  • The 4 criteria a gym must meet to be considered an appropriate gym to build your business in!

  • Who to talk to at the gym so you don’t waste your time or get “dead ended” by a gate keeper! (When you talk to the right person you will actually increase your changes by 300% for getting the job!)

  • The 4 phrases to say in an interview that will get you hired! (You might even get hired on the spot because they are so powerful!)

  • The key qualities every gym owner is looking for in a trainer and how to use this information to nail the interview and get hired (even if you don’t have any experience or track record)!

  • How to write a resume that gets you hired anywhere!

  • And much more!

Lesson 3: How To Create A “Mad Rush” Of Clients And Leads As Soon As You’re Working In Any Gym


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • The hands-down best way to collect hot leads week after week… day after day that becomes almost effortless and fun! (These are the best type of consistent leads that will turn into clients!)

  • How to set up a “client table” that creates “new client marketing” and leads 24 hours a day – whether you’re there or not! (This table easily generates dozens of leads each month when you follow these specific techniques!)

  • The Essential “personal training tools” you need to make sure you succeed right off the bat! (And how and where to get everything for the lowest price so you save tons of money!)

  • The two people in the gym you must befriend immediately and offer you services to for free! (99.99% of trainers don’t do this and it costs them thousands of dollars in missed business… you will literally be able to get dozens of clients by doing this one simple thing!)

  • The secret to setting your schedule so you maximize your time and income so you prevent burn out and make your sessions “worth your while”! (This can make or break most trainers and is vital to creating a sustainable career!)

  • How to set your pricing and training packages so they are the most appealing and profitable! (You even get Stu’s templates that have been proven to get clients fast!)

  • The 3 ways to approach members so they learn who you are and want to train with you! (Most trainers are scared to death to approach members on the workout floor but these techniques make it easy and fun!)

  • How to differentiate yourself by creating your “professional image” that makes you look better than other trainers and gives the gym members an instant affinity to you so they train with you first! (Whether you’re a rookie or veteran trainer, this “professional image” will cause everyone to assume you’ve been training for a long time and that you’re an expert!)

  • A “secret weapon” to get the entire gym to know who you are and instantly like you! (When you use this secrete, don’t be surprised if you get 2 or 3 new clients instantly!)

  • And much more!

Lesson 4: The Marketing Secrets To Use Inside Your Gym That Create A Constant Flow Of New Clients Into Your Business


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • Why you need to focus on a “specific market segment” instead of trying to be “everything for everyone” and how to differentiate yourself as a trainer and ! (Most trainers fail because they are too broad and nobody thinks they are a true expert!)

  • How to promote yourself without “bragging”!

  • Why you need to be doing “fitness evaluations” instead of free consultations if you want to attract new clients to you and capitalize on leads. (Consultations often result in little or no interest or sign-ups and may even hurt your business!)

  • How to host “seminars” that will create a stampede of clients signing up with you! (In one seminar I got 7 new clients!)

  • Why you should be using free reports instead of free sessions to educate potential clients and generate leads… and how to create them so when a person reads it, they immediately want you (and only you) to train them!

  • How to double you clients almost effortlessly by hosting a contest! (Clients will pay you to be part of the contest AND sign up with you when you run it correctly!  You’ll learn the easiest way to do this.)

  • The correct way to use a “free workout” to generate leads and convert them to new clients! (99% of trainers do this wrong and end up spending all their time giving people free workouts without ever getting new clients!)

  • Why it’s absolutely essential to get the right information when you do a “fitness evaluation”! (Miss
    this step and you’ve just wasted your time!)

  • The simple strategy to get members to want to train with you (and only you) instead of the other trainers in the gym!

  • The secret “body language trick” that causes members to approach you and ask you questions! (This instantly opens the door to sign them up and you’ll kick yourself for not using this when you learn how easy it is!)

  • And much more!

Lesson 5: The Marketing Secrets To Use Outside Your Gym That Bring In New Clients – Even If They’re Not Members Of The Gym


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • Why social media is the least effective way to market and what to do instead! (Hardly anyone knows about this so you will not have any competition!)

  • How to get leads for clients who aren’t members at the gym! (This is one key if you’re really serious about growing your business!)

  • How to create ads and flyers that catch members’ attention and compel them to hire you as their trainer! (And if you’re not artistic or good on a computer, you can use Stu’s tested and proven flyers!)

  • How to find and use community events to rapidly and easily get new clients! (Just one successful event can easily generate 5-12 new clients – even if they aren’t members at your gym!)

  • The most effective marketing methods you can use to get new clients and which methods to avoid like the plague so you don’t waste your money! (Stu has tried them all and learned the hard way – and expensive way – what doesn’t work!)

  • What “copywriting” is and how you can use it to make any flyer or marketing material an instant success that brings in multiple clients! (Note… this doesn’t have anything to do with legal protection.)

  • And much more!

Lesson 6: Selling Secrets: How To Take Potential Clients And Turn Them Into Paying Clients Without Being Pushy Or Scummy


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • How to use the “Attentive Selling Method” so that potential clients literally sell themselves on training with you! (You’ll never worry about being pushy or scummy again!)

  • Why you never want to have a “sales pitch”! (There is something completely different that will literally draw clients to you like a magnet!)

  • The 2 questions you have to ask when you talk with any potential client that will instantly cause them
    to want to hire you! (These 2 questions are so easy… and so powerful… and… they are completely natural!)

  • Why you need to have 9-12 very specific questions ready for any conversation with a potential client… and… how to come up with the right ones!

  • How and when to ask for referrals so you create a landslide of clients ready to hire you! (Most trainers don’t ask for referrals… and the ones that do do it completely wrong and then stop!)

  • How to set up your “client welcome package”! (This package will instantly create a bond with your new clients so they love you and train with you for years and years!)

  • The “transition technique” to transition from free session (or fitness evaluation) to paying client! (This is the simple step no one will tell you, but that gets you out of the “free zone” with potential clients!)

  • What to do if a client doesn’t sign up with you. (There are specific and simple follow-up strategies that will convert clients who are “on the fence”!)

  • How to start up a conversation with anyone – then control the conversation so potential clients see you as extremely valuable and want to hire you!

  • And much more!

Lesson 7: The 8 Special Techniques That Cause Clients To Stay With You Forever So You Don’t Have To Work To Find New Ones


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • How to make yourself absolutely the last thing your client will ever give up in their life!

  • My secret weapon to stress the importance of exercise and nutrition that motivates clients to stay committed and do their best! (This will also cause clients to put in the necessary time to get the results!)

  • How to instantly build rapport with each and every client so they trust you and become completely loyal and happy training with you!

  • Why you need to be using “hands on training” and how it will double your triple your client retention! (This is a very delicate area so you must know exactly how to do it right or you will make your clients uncomfortable and cause them to leave you!)

  • The small – often overlooked – details that will put your service over the top so members and current clients only want to train with you and never want to leave you! (When you do this you will also dominate your competition!)

  • The specific body language you must have during your sessions if you want your clients to keep training with you! (9 out of 10 trainers have body language that repels clients and they wonder why their clients never renew with them!)

  • What to say when your client is in a bad mood or having a bad day. (This is so powerful that it will immediately put your client in a good mood and you will be their hero for always “cheering them up”!)

  • The specific ways to create winning workouts for your clients that they love so they never want to stop training with you… and they tell all their friends about you!

  • And much more!

Lesson 8: How To Use A “Base Product” To Compliment Your Training And Double Your Income


In this lesson you are going to discover:

  • How to create a “base product” that will double your income and be appealing to everyone so people will buy it… even if they don’t want a trainer! (This is the secret Stu uses to make $80,000.00 per year… without it he would probably only make $60,000!)

  • The 3 key ingredients you need to put into your “base product”!

  • How to use a “base product” to create passive income that compliments and supplements your training! (If you do this wrong you can actually destroy your training business!)

  • The best way to price and ell your “base product” so it doesn’t hurt your training revenue… but actually increases it! (It took Stu 5 years to perfect this and you’ll know it in a few minutes!)

  • What makes a good “base product” and how to come up with ideas for yours fast!

  • Examples of successful “base products” you can use and replicate instantly!

  • And much more!

These lessons are amazing.  And, if they were all you received, this e-class would easily be worth ten times the investment.  However, Stu wants to make sure you finish this e-class in just eight shot weeks with a world-class personal training education you can take to the bank.  An education that would normally take you years (probably decades) and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire, if you even could.

So, Stu has much more planned for you. Sign up immediately and you are going to get all eight lessons described above… plus these…

Seven Incredible Free Bonuses!

Incredible Bonus #1: Stu’s Out-Of-The-Box, Road-Tested Templates (A $500 value!)

You will get dozens of Stu’s most effective, ready-to-use templates for pricing sheets, workout logs, liability forms, client tracking sheets, nutrition plans, cardio programs, marketing flyers, sales letters and flyers. All you have to do is “plug-and-play” with your name and logo!

Incredible Bonus #2: Real-Life Sales Training Recordings with Stu (A $350 Value!)

These are actual recordings of sales conversations between Stu and new clients. Stu will explain what happens when a client doesn’t sign up and also what he does to sell a client $698 worth of training and nutrition programs so you can understand exactly what causes clients to sign up or not.

Incredible Bonus #3: Two Months Full Access to Stu’s Exclusive Mastermind (A $1,000 Value!)

Every two weeks, Stu gets on a call with you and a small group of trainers.  You all hold each other accountable and come up with cutting-edge ideas to grow your business fast and make sure you stay on track.  Often, an extra set of eyes is essential for growing your business because we can see things you can’t.

Incredible Bonus #4: A Full Business Audit with Stu (A $400 Value!)

Stu will personally call you and audit your business.  He will explain exactly what you can do – simple changes – that will easily help you add $1,000.00 – $2,000.00 per month to your business and make your clients fall even more in love with you so they never leave!  This is a private call and completely custom for your situation… whatever that may be.

Incredible Bonus #5: The “Online Training” E-course (A $500 Value!)

There is a very specific way to add online training to your business without eating away at your revenues.  This is a very delicate process and must be done with extreme caution!  Stu guides you step-by-step on how to do this, what software to use and the best way to implement it into your business.  He also explains the biggest mistakes and misconceptions about online training that bankrupt many trainers.

Incredible Bonus #6: The “Group Training Secrets” Course (A $350 Value!)

Stu shows you how to set up group training and get clients enrolled… and… shows you how to price your group training packages and even how to structure the training sessions so your clients get a ton of value and stay in the group forever.  For instance, Stu shows you how he has been able to keep his groups for over five years and how you can do the same.  He even explains how you can use group training to “save” clients who want to cancel with you.

 Incredible Bonus #7: A Mystery Bonus ($500-$700!)

Stu includes a couple additional bonuses when you sign up, but he asked me not to tell you what they are.  I shouldn’t even be telling you about the extra bonus because Stu like to surprise you when you enroll in the course and over-deliver on everything… just know that this bonus (and probably others Stu will add too) are awesome!

I’ve called these bonuses “incredible” because they are just so powerful and will launch your business into success-mode.  And I can say, just this bonus material will be worth thousands even hundreds of thousands for some.  And that’s still not al l your going to get.  Stu has some surprise free bonuses in sort for you that he won’t let me reveal here.

In any case, by now, you’re probably wondering how much the investment in this private, personalized training is.  Stu originally considered pricing this private mentorship program at $3,500.00.  After all, he normally charges $5,000 to mentor a single trainer… plus 10% of their earnings. And you would either need to fly out to him or pay him to fly to you… 

So you’re looking at about $8,000!

But the thing is, even if you we willing to put down the money and take t time, Stu’s not interested.  He hates traveling and refuses to do it anymore. That’s why he was so excited when he called e and told me about his program.  It’s the only way he’s ever been able to figure out how to personally help people without giving up his life and sanity to do so.

 And even though $3,500.00 is less than you’d have to pay normally for just one day of Stu mentoring you… he’s decided to do something so special and even a bit crazy… He wants to make this training accessible to those who are serious and able to make a quick, firm decision.  Therefore, you won’t pay nearly eight thousand dollars.  If you are accepted, the investment is just…


That’s just a little over half of what he wanted to charge originally… and less than half of what you’d pay for one day of one-on-one consultation.  And…

You Can Actually Get This Program for Free!

Here’s the deal: If you sign up immediately… before the 14 spaces are filled, you’ll pay nothing for 30 days.  That means you get a full 30 days to observe and judge for yourself if the program will be valuable to you.  You can join Stu for an entire month… and… if it’s not what he says it is… if for any reason… or no reason at all… you decide you the program isn’t for you, simply cancel and NEVER be billed even a single penny! 

The only thing he asks is that you not waste his time.  In other words, don’t sign up if you are not serous or you’re just looking for a new distraction.  This class is for trainers who want to literally create their dream business in a matter of months and for the rest of their lives.  Tire-kickers should NOT apply.

But there’s more… Stu is also offering a full…

Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

Finish the course.  Start applying everything I show you.  Get into your dream gym.  Attract clients to you like a magnet.  Use Stu’s best flyers, promotions, training programs and packages.  Use his secret, most-effective sales and marketing tactics…  Then… take an entire 365 days to put it to the test!

If after a full year… for some reason you’re the first person it doesn’t work for, Stu will give you double your money back!  All you have to do is show me that you gave it an honest try.

So, if you’re truly serious…

Here’s what to do now:

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a checkout page outlining everything you get including all of the incredible bonuses.

Have your credit card ready and sign up.  Remember… you won’t be billed for 30 days.

SPECIAL!  Half Price Special
Get Your E-class for just 1 Payment of $997!

One last thing: I recommend you sign up right away.  If you wait even on day to enroll, it may be too late.  (Note: You will reserve your space even though you won’t be billed for 30 days.)

Rick Jenson

P.S. Remember, there are only 14 spaces left as of this writing.  They’ll fill fast.  Further, this may be the only time Stu ever offers this e-class.  He’s committed to this one… but… if it turns out to take too much of his time, he will NOT do another one.  Click the button below and enroll immediately while there’s still time.

P.P.S I know I said a lot… and… you probably have a question or two…  In fact…

Here are the most frequently asked questions I hear…

So I asked Stu the same questions and got the answers for you…

The program is very simple yet very effective!

Each week, Stu does a 60-90 minute class and gives you an assignment (don’t worry, it’s nothing hard)… if you can’t attend the class, Stu records every class and posts them online for a full year so you can watch them at your convenience.

There are a total of 8 lessons over the course of 8 weeks.  At the end of 8 weeks you will be an expert trainer and ready to build a very successful business.

The lessons include fundamentals (like getting certified and finding the best gym) all the way to expert skills (such as sales, marketing, client retention and more)!

In addition, you’ll have a full year to review the lessons so you never forget any lesson and you can review them conveniently at any time!

Not to worry!  Stu records every single lesson and posts them in your special member area for a full year!

That means you can watch them and review them for an entire year at your convenience so you never forget anything!

It is best if you can make the live lesson because there is a Q&A section and your questions really help the lessons… but you will still get the same level of education and value even if you can’t attend a live lesson!

Yes!  In addition to teaching advanced principles… this program can work perfect for new trainers – even if you’re not certified yet!

Here’s why:

New trainers who take this program can start making a good living right away so they don’t have to give up or quit.  This program gives you the knowledge and skills to succeed right out of the gates!

This program works amazingly well for veteran trainers.  In addition to working well for new trainers, this program covers advanced training and business techniques that will allow you to boost your income and create your dream schedule!

Whether you want to earn an extra $20,000 – $30,000… or maintain your income while you change your schedule and work just 3-4 days a week… This program will give you the skills and knowledge so you can easily and quickly succeed!


In fact, if you are in your 50s or 60s you actually have an advantage!

Here is why… you will attract clients in the same age group which happens to make up the largest segment of clients!  That means you will actually be able to get clients easier when you know the skills covered in Stu’s e-class!

You’re never too old!


There are two guarantees!  First, you won’t be billed for 30 days… so… you can take half of the e-class to determine if it’s right for you.

If you decide it isn’t, simply cancel and you will never be billed a penny.

Second, you have a full 365 days AFTER you finish the e-class to put it to the test.  If for some strange reason, you’re the first person it doesn’t work for, simply show Stu you gave it an honest try and he will give you double your money back!

You can’t beat that! 

We will charge your credit card a one-time payment in 30 days, so we need your billing information.  If you decide to cancel for any reason in the first 30 days, your card will not be charged.

Easy… if for any reason… or no reason at all… you decide this e-class isn’t for you, simply cancel in the first 30 days and you won’t be billed a single penny.

Afterwards, take a full 365 days to test the program and put it into action.  If for some strange reason, you’re the first person it doesn’t work for, we will give you double your money back once you provide proof that you gave the program an honest try. 

Stu has been a personal trainer for 20 years and provides you will every piece of knowledge he has.  While results aren’t necessarily typical, many of the trainers Stu has mentored already see an increase of $2,000-$3,000 per month after following Stu’s guidance. 

Obviously Results do vary and depend on the individual and how much effort and work they put into the program and their own business.  Of course, there are other factors involved such as economic factors, geographical factors and demographic factors.

However, the majority of trainers see a $2,000-$3,000 per month increase in revenue…

Stu Schaefer is a current working personal trainer and has been training for 20 years.  He makes over $80,000.00 per year and works 3-4 days per week.

The difference between Stu and other “gurus” is that Stu is currently doing what he teaches.  His methods are actively working and can be duplicated by anyone.

In addition, Stu constantly tests new methods and brings you the latest, most effective, techniques you can use!

Most “gurus” make their money teaching you, but never actually make (or made) any money doing what they teach.  Their teachings are purely philosophical but have never been tested or applied successfully!