How to Change Gyms – And Keep Your Clients During the Change!

How to Change Gyms - And Keep Your Clients During the Change!

Dear Trainer,

Listen… there will come a time when you change gyms. And when you do, you want to be sure you know how to transition AND keep all of your clients.

Some trainers miss this and the transition destroys their career!

You don’t want to be one of those trainers and this message will explain how to avoid total and utter destruction!

Here’s the thing… there are a few reasons you will change gyms during your career:

  1. Your gym goes out of business and closes
  2. You realize the gym you’re at isn’t the right gym for you to build your business to the level you want
  3. You move or relocate for some reason

In any case…

I’m about to reveal how to
transition without losing clients!

First of all, when you follow my other advice (or if you have taken my online mentor program) you should be offering an exquisite level of service so your clients will already love you!

This is important because if they love you, they are about 7 times more likely to follow you… provided you do what I’m about to tell you.

Here are the top 3 techniques you must apply to transition successfully…

Technique 1 – Your New Gym Should Be
Within 7 Miles of Your Old One

Now… this technique applies to the first 2 scenarios above… if your gym closes or you realize it isn’t the right type… use this technique!

By the way… this technique is usually possible and very important. Look. No matter how much your clients love you… they won’t drive an extra 25 miles to get to you. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.

One the other hand… if you move out of state or more than 20 miles away… you’re probably going to have to start from scratch. (But, the good news is you will know exactly how to pick your new gym so you can re-build your business in just a few months!)

Technique 2 – You Need to Talk With The
Manager At the New Gym

And… make sure your clients get a smooth transition.

Here’s what I mean… Every gym will salivate for a trainer to bring 20 new members to them without any cost or work. Remember this fact because it gives you bargaining power.

For example, you need to do your groundwork before you change gyms. You need to negotiate a favorable rate for you to pay the gym and…

… you need to get the gym to let your
clients come over for free and get their first month free…

Why? The answer is simple… The less friction there is for your clients to transition… the more clients WILL transition.

Your job is to make the move as seamless and easy as possible for everyone. And… in the process… cut a great deal for yourself and your business.

When you do this right, everyone wins!

Technique 3 – Hit the Ground Running

If you act like the transition is a big deal… it will be.

Instead, just carry on as normal. Give your clients amazing workouts and talk up the new gym like crazy. Your clients will wonder why they were ever at the other gym to begin with and they will justify their decision!


Start applying everything you’ve learned from
my course at the new gym…

Remember, you get one chance at a first impression so don’t wait a single second! Apply everything you’ve learned in my program:

  • The 5 methods to get tons of clients right away when you are in a new gym!
  • The simple technique I show you to build a list of people who are interested in training with you so you will keep a steady flow of new clients coming in all the time!
  • My really easy secret to meet every member in the gym and get them excited about the idea of training with you!
  • The bulletproof method to use as soon as you start working at a gym!  This method will prevent you from ever getting fired AND will attract dozens of clients to you almost immediately!  It will also put the gym on your side so they give you priority treatment!
  • The 6-point plan for your first 2 weeks at any gym that will make sure you are the most well-known trainer and the one who members want to train with! (This plan draws the gym staff to you as well so they will refer members to you instead of other trainers!)
  • And everything else I show you

When you do this… not only will you keep your clients, but you’ll add a lot of new clients. Here’s why… the clients at the new gym have never seen you before. Once they see you working with your clients and getting results… plus … once they see how much better and more professional you are than the other trainers…

The Members At The New Gym Will Also
Be Dying To Train With You!

This is how it has always worked when I needed to change gyms. My business grows rather than shrinks.

You get a double benefit: You come into a new gym with pre-existing clients, and you get to make a huge splash… a huge first impression with members that don’t know you yet… members that will become great clients!

Remember… EVERY trainer will change gyms at some point. You can either be ready or you can try to react when it happens. If you prepare now, you’ll never have to worry about when it happens!

Let me know if you are considering changing gyms or have any questions about changing gyms… I’d love to help you make a clean and successful transition!

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