The Trainers' Trainer
Stu Schaefer

If you’re a trainer, and you want to create an abundant life while helping people become healthy… then you’re in the right place!

Over the last several months, Stu has built an online training program for personal trainers.  He’s dedicating his life to this site, which will host tons of free resources and tips for personal trainers.

Stu Schaefer has dedicated the last 17 years of his life to being one of the best personal trainers. His diverse clients include professional athletes,  governors, high school athletes, fitness competitors, averages folks, even 87 year-old fitness enthusiasts.

In addition, Stu meticulously studied how to build a business and a brand. 

Stu wrote and published his first book by the time he was 21.  He appeared on numerous televisions programs.  And he earned the Colorado’s Best of the Best Award in 2010 and skyrocketed his business empire.

Within his first year training, Stu built his personal training business up to six figures…

And now Stu wants to share his knowledge to help trainers like you create your dream business and change as many lives as possible!

Stu Schaefer has been personal training since the late 90’s.  He learned the top sales & marketing strategies along with business-building and branding techniques.  

He consistently makes six-figures and has taught other trainers how to build their businesses.