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Stu Schaefer
Master Personal Trainer & Owner of The Six Figure Trainer
Monday 9:37 a.m.

Really Quick…

I have exciting news!  I’m about to tell you how you can start making $60,000… $70,000… even $100,000 a year as a trainer while only working 3-4 days a week… and… how you can get into my very special e-class for free! 

(But you can’t wait on this because I’m only offering it to a few specially chosen people over the next few days… and then… it’s gone forever.)

Here’s the story:  As you probably already know, we are finishing up the e-class and the results the trainers are getting from the class are spectacular! 

Here are just a few of the results so far:

  • How to increase your income by $1,600 a month within six weeks! (Many of the trainers are doing this in only four weeks but I don’t want to get overly optimistic.)

  • Five easy techniques for marketing in the gym that create a mad rush of clients who want to train with you immediately! (One trainer is using three of these techniques and has gotten eight new clients during the 8-week e-class (that’s a client a week) …and he was worried because he is extremely shy!)

  • How to get dozens (yes dozens) of leads every day so you have a constant flow of new clients training with you. (I give 12 specific methods and most of the trainers tell me they are only using 2-4 so far and they’re still getting dozens of leads!)

  • The fail-safe way to find (and get hired at) the best gyms that provide you with a steady flow of clients so you never have to worry about making money or chasing after sparse clients again! (There’s a special technique using two maps to locate the best gyms closest to you.  In fact, several trainers in the class actually switched gyms after using this technique and they are now getting clients much more easily – simply because of the gym.)

  • The pricing structure that will double your income almost overnight! (The trainers in the e-class all switched over to this pricing structure and are now either making the same income and working half the hours…or have doubled their income!  By the way… this is how you can make $80,000 and only work 3 days a week like I do.)

  • Seven secret marketing devices that will do the marketing for you and get clients to sign up with you automatically. (These special devices do all the work so you don’t have to spend your time marketing and chasing clients… instead clients will come to you ready to sign up!)

  • How to instantly get noticed by every member in the gym in a way that makes them want to train with you. (The trainers keep telling me how simple this is and how they’re kicking themselves for never thinking of it before.)

As you can see, these results are nothing short of amazing.  And the best part is…

All Of These Results Happened In
Just Eight Weeks… During The E-Class!

You know, this is the first time I did my course completely online and I wasn’t sure what kind of results to expect… but now I know just how effective the e-class is.  And I want you to know too because this e-class will change your life.

In fact, here are some more results of the e-class:

  • The fail-safe way to get clients to sign up with you using The Attentive Selling Method. (The shy trainers like this the most because they were having trouble selling but now have no problem because this method gets the clients to sell themselves on training with you!)

  • How to use group training to keep clients and add a stable “recurring revenue.” And how to set up your groups so your clients never stop training.  (Three of the trainers started using group training in addition to their normal training and they’re making an extra $1,000 per month while only doing an extra two sessions a week!)

  • Why creating a “specialty” gets you ore clients fast and how to figure out your (One of the trainers told me when she started using her “specialty” she got two new clients within three weeks… and… keeps getting new clients who tell her they’re signing up with her because of her “specialty.”)

  • How to create an “automatic client-getting machine” that works both online and in-person… and… gets you new clients 24/7 automatically! (This is no joke… the trainers who are using this are consistently getting 2-4 new clients every month like clockwork!)

  • The “right” way (and proven way) to use online training so you can make extra money without it hurting your in-person training revenue. (This works so well, the trainers are adding about $100 a month per client when they set up their online training system.  And the best part is – it’s extremely easy.)

  • How to get free media coverage (TV, radio and newspaper) to become a “local celebrity” and have clients seeking you out to train with you.

  • The eight secrets you must use to keep clients forever. (Several of the trainers used these to keep two or more clients from leaving them… and… they are now using all eight secrets with every single client because they work so well and are so easy to use.)

  • How to choose what “type” of trainer you want to be so you don’t fall into the fatal trap of being too broad – a mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars!

When the trainers got this fundamental their businesses started growing almost twice as fast.  Why?  The answer is simple:  Because they stopped focusing their energy on things that didn’t help their business. 

For example, one trainer was splitting her time between in-gym and in-home training and the travel time was killing her income and schedule.  As soon as she chose which one she would focus on (in-gym training)…

Her Income Increased By
$2,160 A Month During The 8-Week Class!

Anyway, here are a few more results you need to know about:

  • How to increase your income by 320% by using a “client welcome package”! (The trainers doing this are averaging 2-3 referrals from every new client and keeping their clients from cancelling.)

  • The keys to writing a killer resume that will get you hired virtually anywhere! (One of the trainers got hired at the first gym he applied at – a high-end gym – and he didn’t even have 2-years experience… but the manager was so impressed they hired him on the spot!)

  • How to get new clients from your community – even if they aren’t members at the gym. (When one trainer did this, the owner of the gym was so impressed he gave her a raise.  And she now gets preferential treatment for adding so much revenue to the gym.  Plus she is getting tons of new clients!)

  • The secret to building top-quality programs for any type of client so they love you and their results! (When you can build a client their “perfect program” you will have the confidence to train virtually any client and get world-class results.  Just think what that will do for your business!)

Like I said – the results are absolutely incredible and this e-class will change your life.  But don’t take my word for it… Listen to what Austin said after only the second week of the e-class:

“You are an awesome mentor Stu. I appreciate your lessons. I have been implementing the lessons you have been teaching. Tonight, I signed a new client to a $379 a month contract! Thank you so much for all you have done so far. PS: I told my friend and they responded with, ‘Damn, that’s like my car payment! Are you serious? That’s good!’”
— Austin Birmingham, St Louis Missouri

And Now I’m Going To Tell You How
You Can Get Into The E-Class For Free…

But first, let me explain how the e-class works:  There are eight lessons plus several bonuses you get when you join (which I’ll tell you about in just a minute).  And each lesson is about an hour.  I will send you a quick e-mail every time a lesson becomes available (a new lesson becomes available each week).

All you do is watch the lesson.  Then… after each lesson… there’s a short and simple assignment that helps you apply the tricks I show you.  The assignment usually takes just a few minutes.  That’s it.  It’s extremely easy and very powerful.

And you’ll have access to every lesson for a full year so you can go at your own pace and review the lessons as many times as you need – especially when your business grows like crazy.

When you finish the e-class, you’ll have everything you need to be a world-class trainer and make $60,000-$100,000 a year.  And everything in the lessons has been proven to work in “real life” and road-tested.  So you can be sure it’s legitimate information you can instantly use and apply.

In addition to the lessons, I mentioned…

You Get Seven Incredible Bonuses When
You Enroll In My E-Class!

Incredible Bonus #1: Stu’s Out-Of-The-Box, Road-Tested Templates (A $500 value!)

You will get dozens of my most effective, ready-to-use templates for pricing sheets, workout logs, liability forms, client tracking sheets, nutrition plans, cardio programs, marketing flyers, sales letters and flyers. All you have to do is “plug-and-play” with your name and logo!

Incredible Bonus #2: Real-Life Sales Training Recordings with Stu (A $350 Value!)

These are actual recordings of sales conversations between me and new clients. I will explain what happens when a client doesn’t sign up and also what I do to sell a client $698 worth of training and nutrition programs so you can understand exactly what causes clients to sign up or not.

Incredible Bonus #3: One Month of Full Access to Stu’s Inner Circle Mastermind (A $800 Value!)

Every two weeks, I’ll get on a call with you and a small group of trainers.  We all hold each other accountable and come up with cutting-edge ideas to grow your business fast and make sure you stay on track.  Often, an extra set of eyes is essential for growing your business because we can see things you can’t.

Incredible Bonus #4: A Full Business Audit with Stu (A $400 Value!)

I will personally call you and audit your business.  I’ll explain exactly what you can do – simple changes – that will easily help you add $1,000.00 – $2,000.00 per month to your business and make your clients fall even more in love with you so they never leave!  This is a private call and completely custom for your situation… whatever that may be.

Incredible Bonus #5: The “Online Training” E-course (A $500 Value!)

There is a very specific way to add online training to your business without eating away at your revenues.  This is a very delicate process and must be done with extreme caution!  I guide you step-by-step on how to do this, what software to use and the best way to implement it into your business.  I also explain the biggest mistakes and misconceptions about online training that bankrupt many trainers.

Incredible Bonus #6: The “Group Training Secrets” Course (A $350 Value!)

I show you how to set up group training and get clients enrolled… and… show you how to price your group training packages (and even how to structure the training sessions so your clients get a ton of value and stay in the group forever).  For instance, I show you how I have been able to keep my groups for over five years and how you can do the same.  I even explain how you can use group training to “save” clients who want to cancel with you.

 Incredible Bonus #7: A Mystery Bonus ($500-$700!)

I’m including a couple additional bonuses when you sign up, but I’m not going to tell you what they are.  I shouldn’t even be telling you about the extra bonus because I like to surprise you when you enroll in the course and over-deliver on everything… just know this bonus (and probably others I will add too) are extra special and priceless!

These bonuses alone are worth $3,500.00!  And to tell you the truth… they are worth every penny!  I don’t mean to brag, but I would gladly pay this for the bonuses because they are that good.

But guess what?  You won’t even have to pay that much for the entire course!  You see, I’m about to offer you a killer deal… if you take advantage of it.  So listen up because…

I’m About To Explain How You Can
Get Into The E-Class For Free:

The plain fact is I would normally charge $3,500 for this course in-personAnd I charge $5,000 to mentor trainers one-on-one.  That comes out to over $8,000!  But because I was able to put the entire course online (in the form of an e-class) I have been able to bring the price all the way down to $2,400!

But wait because it gets even better… the trainers and I are just finishing the very first e-class and I recorded every lesson. 

Remember, I had no idea what kind of results the trainers would get.  But now that I’ve seen just how remarkable the results are I’ve decided to offer you a chance to take the recorded version for a fraction of the normal price.

You see, you’ll still get the results these trainers have gotten (and are getting) because the lessons are 100% complete.  And they are the exact same lessons the other trainers just got. 

Plus you’ll still have access to me via email, which is how the other trainers accessed me during the e-class.  (There are a few assignments where I want you to email me your ideas… and I’ll be right there with you – even during the recorded version of the e-class!)

But instead of paying $2,400… you can get the e-class for just one payment of $997!

However, this is the only chance you will ever get to take the e-class for so cheap.  You see, in seven days (once I put a few finishing touches on the e-class) the price will go all the way back up to $2,400.  So this is your window of opportunity to get in at the low price.

And it gets even better… because…

You Can Get In For FREE If
You Jump On This Right Now!

Here’s How:  When you join the e-class, you won’t be billed anything for 30 days.  This means you get to try out the entire first half of the e-class… then decide if it’s right for you.  And if for any reason (or no reason at all) you don’t want to continue… simply cancel and you won’t be billed a single penny.  No questions asked and no hard feelings.

I want you to try the e-class for free and cancel if it isn’t right for you.  The truth is I’m so sure you will get the same results as the trainers who just went through the course… you won’t cancel.  In fact, you’ll probably start making an extra $1,000 a month within the first four weeks and the course will have paid for itself!

All you have to do is go to and get enrolled… it’s that easy.  And remember: you won’t be billed a single penny for 30 days.  So you have an entire month to be absolutely sure the course is going to work for you… and… if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide it’s not for you… simply cancel and you won’t be billed anything.

And I almost forgot to tell you… You also get a…

Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

Finish the course.  Start applying everything I show you.  Get into your dream gym.  Attract clients to you like a magnet.  Use my best flyers, promotions, training programs and packages.  Use my secret, most-effective sales and marketing tactics…  Then… take an entire 365 days to put it to the test!

If after a full year… for some reason you’re the first person it doesn’t work for, I will personally give you double your money back!  All you have to do is show me you gave it an honest try.  So, if you want to get into the e-class for free (and lock-in this once-in-a-lifetime deal)…

Here’s what to do now:

Go to … and you’ll be taken to a checkout page outlining everything you get including all of the incredible bonuses.  Have your credit card ready and reserve your spot – Remember… you won’t be billed for 30 days.

One last thing: If you’re interested – even a little – you need to reserve your spot now – before the price goes back up.  Again, this is the only time you will ever get such a low price… and you can always decide later if you want to stay or not, and I won’t have any hard feelings.

Remember, the price goes back up in 7 days as of this writing.  And also, this will be the only time I ever offer this e-class so cheap.  Go to and get in right now.

Stu Schaefer

P.S. I know this all sounds so incredible… so I wanted to share a couple very special messages a couple of other trainers have to say about the e-class… just so you don’t think I’m hyping it up or bragging:

“I signed up for the e-class, because I wanted to get a better understanding of how I can enter into the health industry with knowledge and experience of someone who has to been out there and is willing to share that information with the public.

“There is nothing like having a great mentor and influencer that will not only coach, but guide you and provide you with the tools that you will need to be successful in your career field, and that is what I got from Stu Schaefer.

“The course exceeded my expectations because, Stu not only talked and showed us what he could provide for us, he created a simple step by step format that we all could follow.

“I would definitely recommend this to other trainers.  Just because you have been a trainer for some years, does not mean that you still can’t learn from someone else.

“I feel the material in the course goes well above and beyond anything that you see today.  What stood out the most to me in this course was using a map to help determine the types of gyms that are in your area, if you are looking to work in a gym. It also showed the income median along with a few other things. I never knew anything about this. I am glad Stu brought this up and showed us how to navigate these free tools.

“I also like the fact that I was able to send questions to Stu and get an immediate response.  And I like the fact that you were able to review the course material on your own time if you were not able to be a part of the live webinar.  I like the fact that Stu was an overall down-to-earth person and shared his personal experiences during the course… and he gave his life lessons and what he learned from doing the wrong and right things in his career.” 

— Elwood T. Grant III, United States Marine Corps – Retired; Oceanside, CA (Moving to Nebraska to Train)

“I specifically took Stu’s class so I could keep earning what I was making, but cut my schedule in half.  I was making a good income – about $5,500 a month, but I have a new child and I was working 70 hours a week.  Stu said he was making $80,000 and working three or four days a week so I figured he could teach me how to do the same.

“Stu taught me so many new lead generating methods, I got even more clients than I had before while being able to scale my schedule down.  Now I’m working half the time.”

— Josh Wilson, St. Luis, Missouri