Why Some Trainers Go Broke And Have to Give Up On Their Dreams…

Why Some Trainers Go Broke And Have to Give Up On Their Dreams...

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever struggled to make ends meat… or… you have worried about making enough money to be able to fulfill your dreams as a trainer… this is going to be the most exciting message you read.

Here is why…

I’ve been training for over 20 years, and I make a great living – about $80,000.00 per year (and only working 3 days a week)! And I’m going to share exactly how I’m doing this…

… and why the majority of trainers are forced to quit and give up!

Look… I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum…

When I first started out, I was barely making
$1,500 per month and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to
make it as a trainer…

The only reason I made it was because I found the right resources for sales, marketing, business building and client retention.

But listen… these are the foundation principles for being a successful trainer. The problem is most trainers think they need to focus on getting more certifications and continuing education. But that doesn’t really help you.

Sure. It’s important to keep learning. But the type of learning that is most important is the learning I just mentioned… not necessarily technical knowledge.

So why is this important? Simple. The majority of people that become trainers never make it. They go broke and are forced to quit their dream career in exchange for a tedious “nine-to-five” job.

On the other hand… When you learn sales, marketing, business building and good old fashioned client retention…

…You can make $70,000… $80,000… even
$100,000 per year easily and without being a slave to a job!

I know this because I live it every day!

But there’s a catch… Learning this material is hard. And most trainers just want to train their clients. You don’t have time to devote to learning all these things. Remember, it took me years to learn them and I almost had to quit being a personal trainer!

Plus… by the time you do learn (if you ever do) all the information… you will have probably already had to quit. I had to live on $1,200 per month, but I was single and young. I don’t think I could do that today…

If I had to do it all over again I would find a program that teaches everything I am talking about so I could shave 10 years off the learning curve!

Knowing what I know now… I could
rebuild my business from scratch in 3-6 months!

This is the big difference with knowledge. And why I built this site in the first place – to help trainers like you so you don’t have to go through the agony I went through.

Here is the best part… When you have a program that delivers all of the tools in one place, you can become proficient in a matter of months – not years – and build your business from $0 to $50,000… even $80,000!

Think about that. Avoiding all of the blood, sweat and tears of learning the hard way – in the trenches. Instead, you get the information from someone who has done it and proven it works… no guessing and no theory… just flat out, cut and dry tools which will make you successful!

So what are these tools?

Here are the most important tools in order of importance:

  1. Choosing the right gym. (And being able to get hired where you want and when you want… this is one of the key factors of success or failure – especially if you’re starting out)
  2. Marketing and getting clients from within the gym. (This is so important to hit the ground running so the gym sees your value and so you make a great first impression… this is where most trainers fail miserably!)
  3. Marketing and getting clients outside of the gym. (Almost NO trainers do this right or successfully. They only rely on getting clients from inside the gym and they barely do that right either)
  4. Knowing how to follow up with potential clients. (Only 1 out of about 50 trainers every do this and do it correctly. The result – they lose clients and end up quitting)
  5. Keeping clients! (Without this, you’ll constantly be chasing new clients and will burn out!)
  6. Understanding sales without being sleazy. (I hate sales, and so do most trainers, but this knowledge is what makes all the difference… and you can sleep at night knowing you’re honest and ethical!)
  7. Building your name and reputation in the gym and community. (When you do this right… a sea of client will literally flock to you and you’ll never have to worry about where to get clients again)
  8. Pricing your services correctly and setting your schedule right. (90% of trainers don’t do these things right and they burn out, go broke or never have any free time to enjoy life or their family.)

These may sound like a lot… and they are… they took me over 10 years to learn. But you can get them in a matter of months!

And that’s the beauty of having a teacher or mentor!

In fact, right now you can get into my e-class where I personally take you by the hand and show you everything – step-by-step – so you can start making $4,000 a month in just 6 months… and be a world-class trainer. (You’ll be better than 99% of the other trainers out there!)


P.S. Leave me a comment and let me know how I can help! What’s one of your burning questions I can answer for you?

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