“How A 22-Year Old From Nebraska Made $32,400 in 3 Months!

“And did it without any past experience…”

Adam was earning $32,400 in just 3 months!

I met Adam several years ago when he applied for a personal training job with me. He was just about to graduate college from a small school in Nebraska… and… he wanted to move out to Colorado and make a living as a trainer…

I cautioned him and explained how it would be a bit harder than he might realize, but he was persistent…

In fact, I gave him a chance because he was persistent – a quality any good trainer needs if they’re going to be successful.

Anyway, I told Adam he should shadow me for a few days to make sure he knew what he was getting himself into. I even let him stay at my house for 3 days while he shadowed me…

Afterwards, Adam was in! He was sure he wanted to do this.

So… before he went back to finish school…

I showed him my sales formula and we came up with
about 9 very specific questions that he would use

About 3 months later, Adam moved to Colorado and I showed him exactly how to build his business.

He did great!

He was diligent, persistent, had a positive attitude and listened to everything I told him. And it payed off…

Within 3 months of starting from
nothing… Adam was earning $32,400 per year!

But there’s more…

He got married and continued building his business. In six months he was earning $42,140… and he just kept growing his business from there…

After about a year of training, Adam was making a solid $60,000 per year and had become a great trainer.

His clients would tell me how much they loved him and they wouldn’t leave him. He did everything I showed him and he took off like a rocket.

Here’s the best part…

You can easily do what Adam did…
Adam wasn’t unique or special in any way…

The only thing different about Adam was the fact that he used a formula. He listened to me and quickly built his business.

On the other hand… most trainers learn the hard way. They stumble along trying things that don’t work. They listen to fake “gurus” who teach theory which doesn’t actually work….

…Nope… it’s just theory. In fact, most of the gurus never actually made any money training… they only made money selling information (that doesn’t even work) to you.

So… trainers spend time and money on things that don’t work and try to mimic other trainers who are also doing things that don’t work…

It’s the blind leading the blind

And the sad part is many trainers quit the profession because they can’t earn enough money… or they can’t build their business fast enough… so they end up settling for a crummy part-time or full-time job they hate.

You don’t have to do that. Instead… spend your time and money on something proven to work so you can quickly and easily build your business and make good money doing what you love… and helping others.

This site is designed especially for you… and my academy gives you the formula to make an extra $20,000-30,000 per year in just a few short months.

If Adam can do it, anyone can do it! As long as you have the formula.

Listen… I currently use everything I teach and I make $80,000.00 per year working 3 days a week. For years I made $102,400.00. I know what works. I’ve tested it and continue testing it… unlike most “gurus.”

And one thing I’ve learned – never take advice from anyone that doesn’t already have the results you want!

Use this site… read the articles… and it won’t take you long to know what I’m telling you is true.

Leave me a comment or question. Let’s start a conversation because I’d love to hear your questions or challenges and help you out!

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