The One Thing You Must Always Remember As A Personal Trainer …

The One Thing You Must Always Remember As A Personal Trainer ...

Dear Trainer,

I get a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of questions from trainers about training clients, which continuing ed courses to take, which social media is the best and on and on…

And let me tell you something: these questions aren’t bad… but they are the wrong questions to be asking at the wrong time.

Let me explain…

When you’re a personal trainer, you have to remember something: you won’t be in business if you don’t understand business.

Yes… I know personal training is about helping people get healthy and change their lives.  I know this.  However, if you don’t get new clients and run a successful business… you won’t be helping anybody!

So… here’s what you must always remember…

You Are Not Really In The Business Of Training People…

No… you are not!  Trust me.  You’re actually in the business of getting clients – of marketing your services.

Your job is training people but that’s not your business.

You see, the problem is most trainers confuse these two things and so they limp along, barely making enough to stay afloat… or they end up quitting altogether.  (Or worse yet, they make a decent living but are slaves to their work… working 70 hours or more per week!)

The truth is… when you understand you’re in the business of getting clients… your entire perspective changes.

Here’s what I mean:  If all you think you’re business is about is training people, then you’ll spend the majority of your time taking classes and courses about the technical parts of training… and you’ll spend hours trying to “be a better trainer.”

But… that doesn’t get you clients.  In fact, here’s the dirty little secret:

Being a Better Trainer Doesn’t Get You More Clients

It is true that when you’re a world-class trainer you will keep your clients longer (most of the time)… but rarely does being a top notch trainer get you more clients.

Think of it this way… if nobody knows about you then what does it matter how great you are?  You become a wasted talent.

Instead… what you want to ALWAYS remember is…

You’re In The Business Of Getting New Clients  

This means you should spend the bulk of your time and money on courses that teach you how to market, sell, create new and innovative products and programs and how to interact with clients to create the best experience they have ever had!

When you do this, you will get a flood of new clients… and then you go to work on your job training them in the best possible way.

This simple shift in your mentality and perspective can literally open the flood gates and allow you to start making $60,000… $70,000… even $100,000 a year! (And if you’re like me, working only 3-4 days a week!)

Listen, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be a great trainer.  What I am saying is…

You Need To Learn The Business Of Getting New Clients So You Have People To Hone Your Skills With

Just reverse the process!

When trainers take my e-class, there is only one lesson out of eight that talks about the technical part of training.  The other seven lessons are about getting clients because that is the most important and first step you need to take.

In fact, learning the technical part of training is the easy part.  I can teach a trainer how to be world-class in a few days.  The real education is learning how to get clients and build your business… and… that’s where most trainers struggle.

So here’s what to do:  Start thinking in terms of getting clients and building your business.  Then, start spending your time and money building those skills – setting your pricing, working in the right location, lead generating, marketing, sales, inter-personal skills, body language, communication, specialization, creating products, etc…

These are the skills which will allow you to succeed AND help many more people than you otherwise would!

Reach out and shoot me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know your thought and if you have any questions!



2 thoughts on “The One Thing You Must Always Remember As A Personal Trainer …”

  1. Thanks Stu,

    Appreciate your thoughts and insights!! I’m a new
    “qualified personal trainer” with little actual experience so your insights in getting a business going and maintaining customers are very helpful.


    1. Stu @ TheSixFigureTrainer

      Thank you Don! I’m glad to hear you’re getting a lot of value! Keep me posted with how you are doing… and… let me know if you have any questions!


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