How To Add $1,000 A Month To Your Income Almost Immediately…

How To Add $1,000 A Month To Your Income Almost Immediately...

Dear Trainer,

If you would like to know how to add $1,000 a month to your income almost immediately and without doing anything illegal or “impossibly difficult”… then this message will be the most exciting message you ever read…

Here is why:

I’m about to give you one of my most closely guarded secrets I use whenever I need to increase my income by $1,000 or more per month.  In fact…

Sometimes This Secret Even
Boost My Income By $2,000!

Here’s what I’m talking about… 

If you’re working in a gym, there’s probably a front desk, right?  Well, the thing about front desks is that everyone has to walk by them (usually after they check in).

And so the front desk is a place where you can literally have face-to-face contact with every member who works out at the gym.  Actually, you can meet every member in just a couple of days if you want to – just by hanging out at the front desk…

So, what does this have to do with you and how to make an extra $1,000 almost immediately?

I’m glad you asked because I’m about to answer that… but first let me tell you why…

The Front Desk Is An Untapped Gold Mine…

You see, with every member going by the front desk, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to make sure you “meet and greet” every member.  And if you’ve taken my online e-class you’ll know exactly what this can do for your business (and how to do it in a way that makes members like you and want to do business with you).

Now… why is this important? 

The answer is simple: because people are 4-5 times more likely to do business with you when they know you.  And most of the time, when trainers don’t get new clients it’s because nobody knows about them.

So, this is your chance to get your face in front of every single member of the gym – in a natural and unassuming way.

Here’s what you do:

Make sure it’s OK with the gym management for you to “hang out” at the front desk for a few days in order to meet the members.  Then, sit at the desk with the other staff and “meet and greet” all day.  During the slow times, clean the entrance or lobby.


Here’s Where The Extra $1,000 Comes From

Along with doing these “meet and greets” you will also offer every member one of these freebies:

  1. A free fitness audit or evaluation (I explain this in detail in my online e-class)
  2. A free report that also causes members to want to train with you (there’s a very specific way to create these reports to people train with you after they read them)
  3. A free ticket to your upcoming “fitness seminar” (if you haven’t learned about “fitness seminars” … they are an extremely powerful tool to get new clients fast!)
  4. A free workout (I don’t recommend this unless it’s all you got and I explain why in my e-class)

Anyway… you offer everyone that comes through the door one of these freebies and you get their information.

Then, you follow up with them or segue into a conversation that creates the ideal environment for them to want to train with you.

Here’s the deal… how many new clients do you need to make an extra $1,000 a month?

Well… if you have taken my course and learned about my very special pricing models… you only need two!  That’s only two clients out of a few hundred (or thousand) that pass through the door.

And like I said… when I do this, many times I get 3-5 new clients, which is an extra $2,000 per month!

And this is simple.  You can do it.  Anyone can do it.

So… how many of you who read this article will  do it?  My guess: about 2-3 of you out of thousands.

Why?  Simple: because most trainers don’t ever take action or do even the simplest of tasks to get new clients.

But… I hope you’re different.  In fact, I’m challenging you to do this and then email me and let me know what kind of results you get!  If you get one new client… isn’t it worth it?


I’ll look for your emails!


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