12 Reasons You’re Not Making As Much As You Could Be As A Personal Trainer

Dear Friend,

Are you totally satisfied with you income?  Have you ever wanted to make more… or… maybe keep your income but work less?

If so, then keep reading because you’re about to learn 12 very important reasons you’re not making as much as you could be as a personal trainer… and… a couple things you can do right now that will immediately increase your income.

But first, I need to clear something up:  I understand that training isn’t all about money.  It’s about helping people and doing something you love.  However, it you can also make a great living you can help a lot more people, live the life you want – on your terms, support yourself and your loved ones and you can keep training for a long time.

And that’s why…

It Isn’t Selfish To Want To Make A Great Living

In fact, you should always remember this: When you make more money you can help more people.

So let’s dive right in to the 12 reasons you are not making the income you could be…

  1. Your prices are too low – This may seem simple but, over the last 15 years I’ve been working with trainers, most of them under-price their services and they literally miss out on so much income.  I recently had a student in my e-class who doubled his income within two weeks by simply changing his pricing.

  2. You are working at the wrong gym – The type of gym you work at is one of the most important factors for your business (if not the most important) and most trainers don’t understand how to choose the correct type of gym to nurture their business.  Ultimately they work extremely hard with little to show for it.  Some trainers limp along and struggle, but many end up giving up and getting a 9-to-5 job.  One of my students realized the importance of gyms after taking my course.  He was in a small town and a small gym and made a difficult decision to switch gyms after I showed him what to look for.  Within 6 months, his income went from $1,140 per month to $4,225 per month.  Not bad!

  3. You are not spending enough time at your gym – Most trainers fall into this trap: they don’t want to spend any “free time” at their gym since they are not getting paid.  However, this is a mistake because the members never get to see you and they don’t know who you are.  In order to trust you and want to work with you… members need to know about you – that you exist.  So, you should be spending a lot of time at the gym talking with members… even if you’re not getting paid

  4. You’re doing “free sessions” – Most trainers think doing free sessions is the best way to get clients, but it isn’t.  In fact, there are about a half a dozen better ways to get clients than doing free sessions.  The problem is most trainers don’t understand business, marketing or sales so they copy other trainers who also don’t understand business, marketing or sales… and… it’s like the blind leading the blind.  When I teach trainers how to get leads, I show them a dozen or so methods – none of which include a “free session.”  By the way, the methods I teach are all much more simple and less time consuming than free sessions.

  5. You are using a “sales pitch” to try to sign up clients – There’s nothing worse than a sales pitch. It can really put people off and prevent them from working with you.  Instead, I teach the “Attentive Selling Method” – a way to get clients to sell themselves on working with you so you don’t come across as a “used car salesman.”

  6. You aren’t bonding with your clients well enough – this common problem plagues 97% of trainers.  They don’t understand how to bond with their clients well enough and they struggle with a high client turnover.  When you understand how to connect with, bond with and “get in sync” with your clients… and… they stay with you for years and years… then your business will grow exponentially faster!  There are seven specific ways to bond with clients, which will make you indispensable so they never stop working with you.

  7. You don’t use “pricing packages” or “training packages” – Packages are a great way to create continuity, longevity and get a client to work with you long enough for them to see results so they want to keep working with you (especially if you learn how to bond with them).  If you aren’t using packages, you are making things much more difficult on yourself.  You should know though… there is a right way and a wrong way to set up packages and how you structure them is very important.

  8. You aren’t “working the floor” – Many trainers are afraid to approach members on the floor and “sell them training” because they don’t want to offend anyone or be pushy.  That’s why I teach trainers exactly how to “work the floor” in my e-class.  You see, there is a very easy way to do it so members like you and appreciate you coming up to them.  But, it requires having a simple system in place that virtually no trainers know about.

  9. You don’t have any “proof elements” – When someone hires a trainer and they are about to invest a lot of money, they want to see some sort of proof that they will get a return on their investment.  Remember, they don’t know you and so – even if you’re the best trainer in the gym – they still need some sort of proof.  When I teach trainers how to build their “proof elements” the same thing always happens – they start getting more clients a lot faster (and with less work) because they have something to show potential clients to put them at ease about making an investment with them.

  10. You don’t look professional – This may sound a little strange, but think about this: when someone meets you for the very first time… or sees you from across the room… what will their assumptions be about you?  What image are you conveying?  Many trainers look sloppy, unapproachable, indistinguishable from other members and even intimidating sometimes.  These things are deterrents and will literally repel members from even talking to you.

  11. You aren’t a team player – When you work at a gym, you need to have the support of several key people (I go over these key people in my e-class).  If you don’t, you will not get any help getting clients or from other trainers or instructors.  I’ve met many trainers who were the “lone wolf” type.  They rubbed people the wrong way or just kept to themselves and they had an extremely difficult time making it as a trainer because of this “fatal flaw”.

  12. You do the wrong type of marketing – Most trainers know they should do some type of marketing, but many focus their efforts (and money) on the wrong type.  These days, most trainers think social media is the way to go.  However, I disagree and I have seen many trainers waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on social media advertising with nothing to show for it.  I teach a very special and little-known way to market directly to your potential clients so you get a huge return on your investment.  In fact, I teach over a dozen proven marketing methods that are cheap, easy and effective… and way more powerful than social media!

Ok… so I know this sounds like a lot of information to take in, but..

It’s really easy when you have a coach and a system to show you how to do it all…

And if you’re serious about succeeding as a trainer, you need to get in my special e-class.  In the e-class, I take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to do everything so you can start making $4,000 a month in just 6 months!


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