Personal Trainers: Who Else is Tired of Chasing New Clients?

Personal trainers: who else is tired of chasing clients

Personal Trainers: Who Else is Tired
of Chasing New Clients? 

I hate it.  It sucks.

If you’re tired of chasing clients, and you’ve ever wondered if there’s a way to get them to come to you, then this article is going to be incredibly valuable!

I love training new clients and helping them succeed.  I even enjoy marketing and doing small workshops for potential new clients, but…

I absolutely hate calling potential clients and following up… then they ignore me and end up rejecting me.


So… because I hate that so much, I spent the last several years learning how to get clients to come to me so I don’t EVER have to chase them again.

Let me explain…

Marketing Pull vs Marketing Push

A while ago, I had a mentor named Tim.  He is an expert marketer, and he asked me if I was doing marketing push or marketing pull.


Ok… he said… marketing push is when you are trying to push your potential clients to do something.  In essence, you’re trying to convince them to work with you.

Marketing pull is when you make yourself really valuable and you’re like a magnet – pulling clients in toward you with little effort and without having to convince them.

“I want that!” I said.  Teach me that.

Well, he did.  Over the next three months, Tim taught me why people buy things and how they choose to do business with certain people and not others.

I soaked it up like a sponge.  I took about 40 pages of notes…

But I still wasn’t sure how to apply everything, so I just started doing trial and error…

That was about four years ago, and now I don’t do anything and I get people calling me out of the blue to work with me.

I can’t remember the last time I did any marketing, and I have been full with clients – making $80,000 per year.

So, you’re probably wondering how to create marketing pull… well… I’ll show you…

One Way to Create Marketing Pull

Stop for a moment and put yourself in your POTENTIAL client’s shoes.

What do you think is the one thing they’re most worried about when they’re considering working with a trainer?

Cost?  NO…

Getting results? Well, you’re getting closer…

Believe it or not, the number one thing most people are worried about is if they can TRUST you.

Think about it… have you ever worked with someone who’s had a trainer before?  Did you ever ask them about their experience?

Most people tell me that their previous trainer would miss sessions, quoted them a fake price and then raised it on them, and in some cases disappeared with their money!

Listen, I’ve written a lot of articles here about being professional and setting yourself apart from other “average” trainers.

I’ve even talked about why it’s so important to be impeccable with the little things – like being on time, never missing a session, asking client’s how their doing and really listening to them, etc…

All of these things create trust and build rapport with current clients, but…

How do you do that with POTENTIAL clients?  How do you get someone to trust you when they’ve never even met you?


You Need to Give Away
Some Great Content

… and show them they CAN trust you.

Take me for example.  Every week, I think about what YOU will find valuable, then I write about it.  I think about what I struggled with when I was trying to build my income and then write about it so you won’t have to struggle.

Heck… I even ask you to fill out quick surveys for me so that you can tell me exactly what you need so that I can give you great advice…

Have I ever asked you for money?  No.  I haven’t.  I haven’t tried to sell you anything either.

Because I want to build rapport with you and show you that you can trust me.  I want my content to speak to you so that you can decide if you like me.

Will I eventually offer you something?  YES.  Of course I will, but hopefully by then, you’ll know you can trust me and that there’s no pressure.

In fact, I’m working on my course for trainers right now.  It’s going to be an 8-week course that teaches you how to build your business, brand yourself, and create marketing pull so that you never have to agonize over chasing clients again.  You never have to worry about paying your bills or wonder how you’re going to get your next client.

And you can be sure I’m going to pour my heart and soul into the program so that your life changes and you look back and know it’s the best business decision you ever made.

But for right now…

Figure Out What You Can
Give Away Without Cheapening Yourself

You can come up with a guide, a webinar, a health assessment where you educate people about their current health conditions… etc.

Get creative.  Whatever you do should do two things:

  1. Show the client they can trust you and that you’re really great
  2. Create a desire in the client to work with you

Maybe you’re wondering, “how can I do this for people that aren’t part of the gym?

That’s a great question.  That’s the same question I had.

The answer is marketing.  But not just any marketing.  It needs to be precise and targeted and the style of the marketing must be what’s known as “direct response” marketing.

This is the way you’ll need to do it at first, but the great part is…

Once you do it for a while, your new clients will start finding you!

Rest assured, this will be a HUGE part of the course I’m creating.  Remember – it took me several years to master everything and find out what works… but I’ll make sure I give you EVERYTHING I’ve learned so that you can breath a sigh of relief.

But… for now… start focusing on AMAZING content you can give away, but that won’t make you look cheap.


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