How to Launch a New Year’s Weight Loss Contest

How to launch a new year's weight loss contest

If you want to know how to launch a New Year’s weight loss contest so you can get massive amounts of exposure and before and after pictures, this is going to be the most interesting article you read all year! 

Let me explain.

New year’s is just around the corner, and a lot of people will get the fitness bug.  That’s why It’s especially important that you know how to launch a New Year’s contest so that you elevate your business.

but wait!  Before you rush into anything, we need to look at how to launch successful contest so that people start saying great things about you, and you can build an incredible reputation!

You Must Decide on Your Format

There are several formats that work well for a New Year’s contest:

  1. Individual – Winner take all
  2. Individual – Top 3 get a prize
  3. Couples/Partners – Best couple or team gets prize

I have done both, and they are both absolutely amazing.  You can’t go wrong either way…

In addition to couples vs. individual competitors… you should decide how you’ll track progress and determine how to win.  My personal opinion is to base it on percentage weight loss.  

Here’s what I mean.  If someone is 200 pounds, and they lose 20 pounds, that’s 10% weight loss.  If someone is 300 pounds, they have to lose 30 pounds to get that same percentage of weight loss.  This system evens the playing field for all competitors.

You also need to know how you’ll interact with your competitors:

  1. Weekly weigh-ins?
  2. Monthly weigh-ins?
  3. One workout a week
  4. Two workouts a week
  5. Etc…

Once you figure out how much time you’ll be investing, you need to decide…

How Much Will You Charge

My go-to structure is an 8-week contest where i do weekly weigh-ins and weekly workouts.  That’s 8 group workouts total.

I charge between $99-125 per person.  I haven’t seen a decline in participants at the higher price point either!

You need to decide what’s fair for your time.  I’ll explain how to up-sell your training in a minute, but first, you need to know…

How Long Will It Be?

I’ve done 6-week, 8-week, and 12-week contests.  Without a doubt, the 8-week contest is the best.

Here’s why.  People get bored and 12 weeks often drags out.  6 weeks isn’t long enough for massive results. 

And there’s another benefit for the 8-week contest.  If you finish, and people want to keep doing it, you can extend the contest and charge another contest fee.  This has happened to me several times.  It’s great when it happens.

But… before you can do anything you need to…

Get Amazing Prizes

I’ve gotten a trip to Mexico, a trip to Las Vegas, $1,000 cash, and other amazing prizes.

Here’s how.  You need to go around and ask anyone you can to be a sponsor and to chip in the prize.  Companies have a budget for this type of thing, and if you can explain the value to them, it will be much easier for them to say “yes.”

In my experience, the better the prize, the more people will participate.  Period.  If you get an amazing, top-of-the-line prize, people will want to join!

Once you’ve gotten some awesome prizes lined up…

Get the Word Out!

If nobody knows about the contest, it’s going to suck… big time!

There are several ways to get the word out, and I recommend you use them all!

  1. Flyers in your gym – post flyers everywhere about the contest.
  2. Make a sign-up sheet for a FREE seminar to learn about the contest and offer free tips (i.e. 5 fatloss tips to recover from the holidays).
    1. Make sure you get name, email, and phone number so you can follow up with everyone
  3. Use social media to spread the word – this could mean some paid advertisements targeted in your geographical area

Between these three methods, you should get between 20-40 competitors which is plenty for a contest.


Take Before and After Pictures of EVERYONE

One of the reasons you do a contest, and offer a low entry price is because you can use the results to significantly boost your credibility! (Even if you’re a brand new trainer).

On the first day of the contest, you do the following:

  1. Do Your intro seminar
  2. Sign people up
  3. Take before pictures
  4. Set the workout schedule so everyone knows when to come
  5. Do the first weigh-in
  6. Do the first workout

You should plan for about 90 minutes – 2 hours.  This is your time to set the mood and kick off the contest on the highest note possible!

Now, you’re off and running…

Make sure to send out a weekly email to update your competitors on their standings and offer some tips and motivation.  This weekly email is what keeps them engaged with you!

Along with offering killer workouts and an amazing experience during the contest, this is your opportunity to…

Sell Your Other Services

People are excited!  They want to win!  It’s New Year’s.  This is your window to get people to buy additional personal training session from you, nutrition plans, and any other services you sell.

This is also the one time you can discount your products as a way of saying “thank you” for being part of the contest.

Here’s how I do it.  I put together several 8-week packages that will last the duration of the contest, then I sell the packages at a discount especially for the competitors… maybe at 20% off.  The price is only good for the duration of the contest, and there is an expiration period for when people have to sign up.

Obviously, a person will do better when they work with you outside of the group sessions…


They should never feel like they get LESS service from you if they don’t buy any additional services from you.  Everyone should always get the best treatment no matter what!

Ok… thanks for hanging with me to launch a New Year’s contest.  I’m sure you’ll have some additional questions… so comment below and let me know!

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