How To Make Premium Training Packages That Sell Like Crazy!

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Training Packages?

Dear Friend,

If you want to be a truly successful trainer – and make the income you deserve – then training packages are a must.  And that’s why this article is going to be so important…

You see, I’m about to explain how to create premium training packages that work so well you can easily add an extra $1,500 a month to your income overnight.

Here’s what I mean:

I’ve been training for 20 years… and… over this 20-year period I’ve tried just about every variation and package you can think of.  Some worked amazingly well… while others didn’t work at all.  And…

I’m about to share the secrets it took me 20 years of trial and error to figure out

Now… I have to warn you, I won’t be able to explain everything in this article because there is just so much that goes into creating a home run training package… but I will give you a few fundamentals you must know to be successful.

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Anyway, let’s jump right in and look at how to make premium training packages that sell like crazy!

Tip #1 – Reward Your Clients Based On Frequency

Let me explain… The biggest mistake I saw trainers making was when they would give price breaks or discounts when clients bought a certain number of sessions.  Think about it… let’s say a client only trains with you once a week…

But… they buy 50 sessions and get the lowest price discount.  Now you’re stuck servicing those sessions at that super low price for an entire year!

Instead, reward your client for frequency of training.  For example, give your price breaks and discounts if they train with you three or four times a week instead of once or twice.  You can still sell a big package of 50 at a great discount based on a 3x a week training schedule… and then put an expiration date on those 50 sessions.  Like five or six months.

Tip #2 – Add Services to Your Packages Clients Otherwise Won’t Get

Listen, pretend you’re a client for a second.  If you could buy sessions for $55 a session, or a package of sessions for $49 a session, you might just buy a few sessions so you don’t pay a large amount up front.

So you need to reward clients for investing.  And here’s how…

Add on extra services to your packages… add body-fat testing, nutrition coaching, books, access to your base product (this is covered in my e-class), or even some freebies (also covered in my e-class).

In other words, make the client feel like they are getting a ton of extra value and like the training packages are extra special – because they are!

Then, when clients sign up… you need to have your “client welcome package” ready to dazzle them so they stay with you forever and tell all of their friends.

Tip #3 – Only Have Three Packages

The fact is… when I coach trainers they often have 5-6 training packages.  After all… you want to offer your clients options right?

Well, actually… anything more than three options is too many.  Let me explain why…

When a client sits down and they are looking at your training packages, you want them to be able to make a decision quickly.  Any delay or hesitation can lead to the client NOT signing up with you.

And when you have 5-6 options, it’s too many for the client to analyze.  They can’t make a decision, so their decision is not to do anything.

Likewise, when you offer three packages, clients are going to pick the middle package more often than any other package.  This means you need to design your packages with this in mind.

For example, I have three packages.  And the one I WANT clients to buy is the middle one.  Then I stacked two other packages around it.  

Remember, these three tips are the fundamentals to get started.  There are several more aspects of making your packages successful… you need to price them correctly, name them correctly, present them correctly and make sure you set them up in a way that is convenient and attractive to clients.

Again, I cover all of these things in my e-class and if you’re serious about becoming a successful trainer, the e-class will make sure you know everything you need to know to succeed quickly and easily.  Remember, you get my 20 years of experience so you can avoid all the pain and mistakes I made.

2 thoughts on “How To Make Premium Training Packages That Sell Like Crazy!”

    1. Stu @ TheSixFigureTrainer

      Good question Hayden…

      I’ve found the most effective way is to set up your packages with a set amount of sessions that will last a month.

      For example… If a client is training with me 3x a week, they buy a 12-session package and it normally takes them a month to complete. (Occasionally they leave town or get sick and will take them an extra week.)

      However… Once or twice a year, I’ll sell a package for a slight discount when a client buys 3-6 packages (meaning 3-6 months worth). But I only do this once or twice a year so my clients don’t expect it or wait for it.

      I hope this helps!

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