Just Starting Out? What Every Personal Trainer Needs To Do (And These Common Mistakes Even Veteran Trainers Make)!

Just Starting Out?  What Every Personal Trainer Needs To Do (And These Common Mistakes Even Veteran Trainers Make)!

Dear Friend,

If you’re just starting out as a trainer… or… you’ve been training for a while but you’re not making the money you want to make…

…Then read this article closely because I’m about to reveal the most common mistakes both new and veteran trainers make… and…

A few simple changes you can make to add $1,200 a month or more of income almost immediately!

Here’s the story:

I’ve been helping trainers become successful for over 10 years now.  And while working with these trainers, I’ve seen a few common mistakes.  But these mistakes aren’t limited to new trainers.  Just as many veteran trainers make these same mistakes.

You see, there are a few fundamentals every trainer needs to know in order to be successful. And if you miss any of these fundamentals… you either never become successful or it takes years and years for you to become successful.

Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you’re a veteran trainer who skipped a few of these fundamentals early on (don’t worry I’m about to tell you what these fundamentals are in a moment)… If that’s the case, then you will be operating as a trainer and missing key components.  In other words…

You’ll have a gap which prevents you from reaching the level of success and income you otherwise could

And if you’re a new trainer missing these fundamentals, you may never be able to generate enough money to make it as a trainer.  After all, I see so many new trainers struggle and give up simply because they are missing one or two of these fundamentals.

So what are these fundamentals?  I’m glad you asked because there are about five of them.  I’m only going to go over three of them here because these are the three most trainers miss.

Fundamental #1: Choosing Your Style

Before you jump into your training career, it’s extremely important you choose your “training style.”  Here’s what I mean:  Are you going to be an online trainer, in-home trainer, or in-gym trainer?

Now, you may be wondering, “Can’t I be multiple types?”

Well, sure it’s possible… but if what you want is to be a really successful trainer… then it’s best to choose one style.

Listen… if you try to do multiple styles you will never be as good as if you focus on one style.  (Now once you master one style you can always add on another one later… but you should master one first.)

Each style has its benefits and drawbacks, and I go over these in detail in my e-class.  However, most trainers (especially new trainers) do the best when they focus on in-gym training.  (Again, there are a few exceptions I discuss in my e-class.)

Fundamental #2: Choosing Your Niche

This may sound the same as fundamental #1 but it’s actually very different.  Choosing your niche means choosing a special area of training you will be known for.

For example, your niche could be body-sculpting, golf, dance, stretching, etc…

The key here is to choose a niche with enough “mass appeal” but also different from every other trainer.  (This is a process I also explain in detail in my e-class.)

For now, an easy way to come up with a niche is to look at some of the biggest problems people have and become “the trainer” people will go to when they want to solve this problem.

Here’s an example:  I became a lower-back specialist because I kept noticing the members of my gym complaining about back pain and limitations.  After about a year, word got around the gym that I was “the trainer” to see if you had a lower-back problem.  And my schedule was always full from that point on because I had a strong niche!

An example of a week niche would be fat-loss because every trainer does that…  This is one of the fundamentals almost every trainer misses… and why I spend an entire lesson on how to find your niche in my e-class.

Fundamental #3: Think Of Yourself As A Brand

The truth is… even though you are a trainer… you are so much more. 

Let me explain… there are almost 500,000 trainers in the USA alone. And if you want to get noticed and get clients, you need to be different.  You need to stand out.  You need to be a brand. 

This is a tricky concept (which is why most trainers never get this fundamental) but a crucial concept.

For example, think of a brand you like:  Coca-Cola, Dell, Amazon, etc…  They all have a brand they’ve spent millions of dollars and many years creating.  They have a logo, colors and a few core products or services.

And you want to be the same way.  Finding your niche is part of defining your brand.  But it’s only one part.  You also need to come up with your “professional look”, your colors, your persona, etc…

Actually, there are about seven keys that go into your brand.  They define you as a trainer and help you stand out so people want to train with you.  And when you nail your brand, people will seek you out.

When you don’t nail your brand, you blend in with all of the other trainers and your business struggles

Now there are two more fundamentals that are key if you want to be a successful trainer.  But these fundamentals are beyond the scope of this article.  One is the specific supplies you must have if you want to be successful.  And the other is how to get and use testimonials to grow your business like crazy. 

I cover all of these fundamentals in-depth in my e-class because these are the cornerstone for any trainer (new and veteran) to be successful.  If you are a trainer who is serious about fast-tracking your success and making a good living as a trainer… or… you are struggling to make the income you want… then you should register for my e-class here: https://thesixfiguretrainer.com/vipspecial 

Stu Schaefer

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