How To Create A Successful Personal Training Business (Or Career) – The Path From Rags To Riches!

How To Create A Successful Personal Training Business (Or Career) - The Path From Rags To Riches!

Dear Trainer,

I’m about to reveal the proven path to ultra-fast success as a personal trainer like you’ve never seen before! 

Not only have I used this path many times successfully… But I also mentor hundreds of trainers who use this path to make a lot of money and change the lives of countless clients.

Normally, I focus on one skill you should know.  But today we’re going to look at an overview… plus the most common areas where trainers slip up and struggle.

So let’s get going…

As you can see from the chart, there are two sides of the personal training business:

  1. The actual training of clients (The Service)
  2. The PR and Branding (The Brand)



And they both need to exist.

Let me explain… without the brand, it’s way harder to get clients and keep clients.  And without good service you’ll never be successful. 

They must work together

For example, the branding is what people see and the image you project to the public.  It’s your specialty – the thing setting you apart from other trainers.

Then… when clients start working with you, it’s your service that keeps them coming back and justifies spending the money for your services.

Now if you look at the chart… you’ll see the very first requirement is…

You Must Choose The Right Gym

I cannot stress this enough.  When you’re in the wrong gym, you will struggle to be successful – no matter how good you are!

And this is the biggest mistake trainers make.  They get into the first gym that will hire them… and… they stay there until they go out of business because they are too afraid to switch gyms.

Listen, I know how scary it can be changing gyms and going on interviews because I’ve done it.  In fact, I did it in my 20s when I was super self-conscious. 

But you can’t let fear make decisions for you!

You must choose the right gym.  And if you’re just starting out, that’s why in my e-class I explain exactly how to get into the right gym and nail the interview… so YOU can choose the best gym on YOUR terms!

And if you’re already in a gym, I explain exactly how to find and transition into the ideal gym without losing your clients.

Remember… if you miss this one step, you’re doomed!

Now… You’ll notice there are three phases on the chart:

  • Phase 1 is building your brand and acquiring clients
  • Phase 2 is strengthening your brand and keeping clients
  • Phase 3 is adding other streams of passive income to explode your business

Phase 1: Setting your pricing & services, creating an image, and acquiring clients…

This is the phase most trainer want to focus on…

Yes… it is important.

But… what’s more important is the next phase: Phase 2 – strengthening your brand and keeping clients!

You see, if you only ever focus on getting clients, you’re going to feel like a hamster on a wheel.  You’ll work really hard all the time… and… eventually you’ll burn out.

Instead, if you figure out how to retain all your clients… you’ll have an ultra-successful business that requires little effort to keep it going strong.

This is my secret for having an $80,000 a year business while only working 3-4 days a week

The fact is… most of my clients have been training with me for 5-10 years!  This is unheard of.  But when you master Phase 3 and you have the client retention skills and a strong brand… you will keep all your clients too!

Now Phase 3 is what separates the trainers who work their whole life vs. the trainers who can stop working and still make money.

The truth is, if you’re going to be a truly successful trainer, you need to understand how to leverage your time so you can make good money without being a slave to your job.

Eventually you’re going to want to retire or do other things… and this is where passive income streams come into play:

You build additional products and services that make money for you whether you’re working or not.

And I’ll be honest: only 1 out of 100 trainers (maybe even less) ever get this.  The rest of the trainers end up working forever or burning out and finding some other job they don’t like.

But you are here… so you aren’t like all the other trainers.

Ok… so let’s review. Take the flow chart above and post it somewhere you can look at it every day.  I’ve simplified the process, but don’t let that fool you.  The chart is extremely powerful and it’s the perfect guide for you to navigate your journey.

You can even use it as a type of checklist as you go along.

Now if you aren’t sure how to do all of these things on the chart, you should take my e-class because

I go step-by-step through every single thing you need to know in order to succeed within 6-12 months!

And everything is very simple so you won’t be overwhelmed.  The class is 8 weeks and it is the best investment any trainer can make.

Plus, you can sign up for free and test it out for 30 days without risking anything!  And if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide the e-class isn’t for you… just cancel and you will never be billed a single penny 🙂

You can sign up here:

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