“How A Small-Town Hick Started Making $4,225 A Month In Only 6 Months Personal Training!”

Scott Parrotino
Potosi, MO
Tuesday, 11:45 a.m.
July 30, 2019

Dear Friend,

If you want to make $5,000 per month or more in the next 3-6 months as a personal trainer… this is going to be the most interesting message you ever read.

Here’s why:

My name is Scott Parrotino and I’m making $50,700 per year ($4,225/month) as a trainer.  And I should hit the $5,000 a month mark next month!  But… just six months ago I was only making $495 per month.  You see… I just started training!

Now, a lot of my friends are shocked at how fast I’ve been able to increase my income, but I’m not because I have a secret…

Let me explain: There’s a guy in Colorado name Stu Schaefer.  I don’t know if I’m right, but I think you may want to call him after reading this letter.  

If so, his phone number is 720-263-1006.  And if you’d like to meet him in person his office is located at 809 Park St. Castle Rock, CO 80109.

Anyway, here’s why I’m writing to you: Stu recently developed an e-class for personal trainers where he teaches you how to be ultra successful.  And the class changed my life.

Let Me Tell You A Brief Story And How Your Life Can Change Because Of It…

Like I said, just a few months ago I was broke and seriously considering giving up training and settling for a 9-to-5 job.  Listen, I come from a small town near St. Louis Missouri called Potosi.  There’s only about 2,627 people in the whole town… so… there aren’t a lot of folks looking for a trainer.

But I really wanted to help people so I went ahead and got certified.  To tell you the truth, I thought it would be a lot easier to get going than it actually was. I guess I assumed clients would find me and would see me in the gym and want me to train them…

However, that’s not what happened.  You see, I worked for several months and only had $495 to show for it…

And Then I Got Desperate…

And I began searching online to see if there was anyone who could help me… or any information on how to build my clients and business.

You know, there is a ton of information online and I tried a few programs, but they didn’t work at all.  I tried a social media program, a gorilla marketing program and even a guy’s online-training program.  None of them worked.

In fact, I was getting more and more nervous because I ended up wasting a lot of time and money.

You know what I found out?

There Are A Lot Of Programs Out There But They Don’t Work And The Guys Doing Them Aren’t Actually Personal Training Anyone

The simple fact is the guys who do these programs couldn’t make it as trainers so they started making their money “coaching” people even though they don’t know what they’re doing.

And then I found Stu… by accident… and he is awesome!

Here’s what happened:  I was searching online for business-building strategies and I stumbled onto Stu’s blog.  He had a bunch of great articles which were very different from what I was hearing from the other guys (that didn’t work)… so… I started applying some of the things Stu talked about.

And let me tell you… his tips worked.  In fact…

They worked so well I e-mailed Stu to tell him I was following him and to say thank you.  And to my surprise, Stu emailed me back!  He was super nice and thoughtful.  He was happy to talk to me and give me pointers and didn’t even try to sell me anything.

But it gets even better… 

It turns out Stu was in the process of launching a mini video course and he invited me to join and watch the videos.  This was a huge turning point.

After all, I tried a few other programs with no results and now I was getting definite results after reading just a few of Stu’s articles.  Then the mini video series gave me a half a dozen tips I could apply right away!

In Just One Week Using Stu’s Tips, I Got A New Client (Paying Me $400 Per Month)!

Remember, I was making $495 per month after several months of hard work and in just a few weeks, I doubled my income with one client!

And then, it turns out Stu was launching his new e-class – an 8-week course teaching trainers everything

you need to be successful and to train like a world-class trainer.  The class is called Advanced Secrets Of Ultra-Successful Personal Training.

I’m not going to lie; I was a bit hesitant because I hadn’t gotten great results from the other guys’ courses.  

But Stu said he was so sure of his course he would let me take the first half of it for free and then… if I liked it… I could make my investment.  And boy was it great – better than I could have imagined!

Within the first three weeks, I found out I was in the wrong type of gym so I decided to change gyms.  Thankfully Stu’s course showed me exactly how to get into any gym I want by writing a killer resume and nailing the interview.  Stu kept telling me how much of a difference the gym makes – and boy was he right…

After just 6 weeks in the new gym, I started making $1,254 per month and now…

Five Months Later I’m Making $4,225 Per Month…

And it’s all due to Stu’s course and coaching.  Here’s why Stu’s course works so well and why I believe it will work just as good (actually even better) for you:

First of all, the course is very simple and very detailed.  If I can understand the material, anyone can.  

Plus, Stu goes over everything to make sure you understand it… and you have access to the lessons for a full year in case you need to review anything.  I was a terrible student in school and was a bit nervous about the lessons, but they are so easy and motivating.

Second, Stu includes everything you will ever need to be a world-class trainer – even if you have never trained before.  I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true.  There is a huge difference in these lessons from the other guys’ stuff since Stu is currently practicing everything he shows you.

In fact, during some of the lessons, Stu would tell me to expect clients or gym managers to do certain things, and sure enough he was right on the mark and I was completely prepared.

When I interviewed for my new gym, the owners told me how impressed they were with me and they hired me on the spot… even though I don’t have two years of experience!

The third reason Stu’s program works so well is because…

You Get His Templates For Everything: Pricing, Workouts, Nutrition Plans, Cardio Plans, Sales, Marketing, Lead Generators And Much More 

All I had to do was print the templates, use them… and… I looked totally professional like I had been training for years. Plus, the marketing templates and lead generating templates instantly started getting me clients.  

And I didn’t have to spend years figuring out what doesn’t work or how to create them.

You know Stu even gives you recorded conversations of him selling his programs and training packages?  

It’s true.  

He explains how to do it (and especially how to do it if you’re shy).  And then he walks you through his sales presentation with a real client so you see how to sell your training without being “salesy.”  I’ve never seen that with anyone else’s program.

Anyway, there is so much more.  These are only a few reasons, but don’t just take my word for it… 

The Other Students I Did The E-Class With Had Similar Results As Me 

So I asked them what they thought of the course and here’s what a couple of them told me:

“I feel the material in the course goes well above and beyond anything that you see today.  What stood out the most to me in this course was using a map to help determine the types of gyms that are in your area, if you are looking to work in a gym. It also showed the income median along with a few other things. I never knew anything about this. I am glad Stu brought this up and showed us how to navigate these free tools.

“I also like the fact that I was able to send questions to Stu and get an immediate response.  And I like the fact that you were able to review the course material on your own time if you were not able to be a part of the live webinar.  I like the fact that Stu was an overall down-to-earth person and shared his personal experiences during the course… and he gave his life lessons and what he learned from doing the wrong and right things in his career.” 

— Elwood T. Grant III, United States Marine Corps – Retired; Oceanside, CA (Moving to Nebraska to Train)

“I specifically took Stu’s class so I could keep earning what I was making, but cut my schedule in half.  I was making a good income – about $5,500 a month, but I have a new child and I was working 70 hours a week.  Stu said he was making $80,000 and working three or four days a week so I figured he could teach me how to do the same.

“Stu showed me so many new lead generating methods, I got even more clients than I had before while being able to scale my schedule down.  Now I’m working half the time.”

— Josh Wilson, St. Louis, Missouri

Here are just a few things I got from Stu’s course that helped me make so much money so fast:

  • The 3 things you must do immediately after you get certified if you want to succeed! (These were really simple and fast… and I would have never guessed them!)

  • The absolute best strategy to build your client base! Whether you want to be an online-trainer, in-home trainer, or an in-gym trainer… this is the strategy you will need to start strong!  (This was one of THE most important tips I got for starting out so fast and successful!)

  • How and when to set your prices and raise your prices! (This is one thing you must know if you’re going to have any chance of succeeding as a trainer and earning a great living!  I would have set my prices way too low!)

  • How to find the “right” gym to work at, which will make the difference between you building a successful business or having to quit after just a few months from lack of clients! (I didn’t realize this until I changed gyms and started getting clients so fast I almost couldn’t keep up.)

  • What to do if you’re in the wrong gym and need to switch gyms… and how to keep all of your clients so you don’t have to start over! (This was huge for me because I ended up switching gyms and having this knowledge made it so easy.)

  • The key qualities every gym owner is looking for in a trainer and how to use this information to nail the interview and get hired (even if you don’t have any experience or track record)!

  • The 4 criteria a gym must meet to be considered an appropriate gym to build your business in… and the 4 phrases to say in an interview that will get you hired!

I got hired on the spot because of this… as a brand new trainer!  It was so amazing… I walked into the gym with my resume and got an interview.  And two different owners were at the interview.  I laid out all the ideas I got from Stu’s e-class and they hired me on the spot.

Later, they told me how impressed they were with my level of commitment and creativity.  And they said…

They Have Never Seen Any
Trainer Come Into An Interview So Prepared!

Anyway, there are a few more key tricks and tools I discovered in the e-class I have to tell you about:

  • How to write a resume that gets you hired anywhere! (I thought mine was good until Stu critiqued it.  I made a few simple changes that made all the difference!)

  • How to set up a “client table” that creates “new client marketing” and leads 24 hours a day – whether you’re there or not! (This table easily generates dozens of leads each month for me and is easy to set up.)

  • The Essential “personal training tools” to make sure you succeed right off the bat… And… how and where to get everything for the lowest price so you save tons of money. (Stu gave me all of the links for the cheapest places to get these tools.)

  • The two people in the gym you must befriend immediately and offer your services to for free! (I literally get dozens of clients by doing this one simple thing!)

  • The 3 ways to approach members so they learn who you are and want to train with you! (This was a life-saver for me because I’m super shy and I was afraid to approach members until I saw this!)

  • How to set your pricing and training packages so they are the most appealing and profitable! (You even get Stu’s templates that have been proven to get clients fast!)

  • A secret way to get the entire gym to know who you are and instantly like you! (I wasn’t sure this would work, but I followed Stu’s advice and within a week every single member knew me at the gym and a couple of them signed up with me a month later!)

  • How to differentiate yourself by creating your “professional image” so you look better than other trainers… and… give the gym members an instant affinity to you so they train with you first! (This is really one thing that separates the successful trainers from the average trainers… and I had no idea how much it would help me.)

  • Why you need to be doing “fitness evaluations” instead of free consultations if you want to attract new clients to you and capitalize on leads.

I always assumed you do a free consultation.  But when I switched to these “evaluations” it was WAY easier to get clients to sign up with me. 

Actually, Stu provides a template for these fitness evaluations.  I just printed out his template and used it.  Then, I would go through the evaluation, set some goals with my clients, identify their problem areas and…

They Would Sign Up With Me Almost Automatically!

I’m not joking… it was really that easy.  And hardly any trainers do this – which is probably why they are struggling so much.  But that’s not all… Stu gave me even more ways for getting clients.  Here are a few of them:

  • How to host “seminars” that will create a stampede of clients signing up with you! (I did one seminar for abs and I got 3 new clients just out of that one seminar!)

  • The “body language” that causes members to approach you and ask you questions! (I made two changes in my body language and members instantly started coming up to me and asking me fitness and nutrition questions… and you won’t believe how easy it is!)

  • How to get leads for people who aren’t members at the gym! (This was a game-changer for me because I now get clients from the community who aren’t even at the gym… and my boss loves me for this!)

  • How to create ads and flyers that catch members’ attention and compel them to hire you as their trainer! (And if you’re not artistic or good on a computer, you can use Stu’s tested and proven flyers!)

  • How to find and use community events to rapidly and easily get new clients! (I actually went to a car show and got a client at the car show!)

  • The most effective marketing methods you can use to get new clients and which methods to avoid like the plague so you don’t waste your money! (Stu shows you exactly which ones to use and when to use them – especially if you don’t have a lot of money yet.)

  • Why you never want to have a “sales pitch” and you need to have 9-12 very specific questions ready for any conversation with a potential client… and… how to come up with the right ones! (I always figured sales pitches didn’t work and Stu confirmed this.  He also explained how these special questions can guide your conversations so you never have an awkward moment.)

  • How to use the “Attentive Selling Method” so potential clients literally sell themselves on training with you! (This was so important for me because I hate selling with a passion and I would cringe every time I had to talk to a potential client to try and sign them up.)

  • What to do if a client doesn’t sign up with you. (Stu gives specific and simple follow-up strategies that will convert clients who are “on the fence” and you don’t even have to call them if you’re like me and you hate making phone calls!)

  • How and when to ask for referrals so you create a landslide of clients ready to hire you! (I never asked for referrals… and this change alone gets me at least one new full-time client every single month or every other month!)
  • How to set up your “client welcome package”! (This package will instantly create a bond with your new clients so they love you and train with you for years and years!)

  • How to start up a conversation with anyone – then control the conversation so potential clients see you as extremely valuable and want to hire you! (This was so important for me because of how
    shy I am.)

  • How to make yourself absolutely the last thing your client will ever give up in their life!

  • How to instantly build rapport with each and every client so they trust you and become completely loyal and happy training with you! (I had a female client that was going to quit, but Stu explained what to do.  And I got her to keep training with me because I was able to bond with her and make her feel comfortable in the gym.)

  • Why you need to be using “hands on training” and how it will double or triple your client retention! (I didn’t even know what “hands on training” was before I took Stu’s e-class, but I’ll never train any other way now because it is so amazing!)

  • The simple ways to put your service over the top so members and clients only want to train with you and never want to leave you! (When you do this you will keep almost every member you sign up for life!)

  • The specific body language you must have during your sessions if you want your clients to keep training with you! (I was making the biggest body-language mistake… and now I see almost every trainer making this same mistake – and I understand why they can’t keep clients.)

  • What to say when your client is in a bad mood or having a bad day. (This is so powerful it will immediately put your client in a good mood and you’ll be their hero for always “cheering them up”!)

  • How to create awesome workouts your clients love so they never want to stop training with you… and they tell all their friends about you! (I was a total newbie trainer, so I didn’t know anything about workout design.  But using Stu’s templates made things so easy!)

  • How to create a “base product” that will double your income and be appealing to everyone so people will buy it… even if they don’t want a trainer! (Stu helped me come up with my product and it adds about $800 – $1,200 a month of income!)

  • And much more!

And all of these are delivered so simply in 8 lessons.  Like I said: I did terrible in school. But Stu makes everything so simple and easy.  Here are the lessons you get in the e-class:

Lesson One: The 4 Fundamentals To Quickly Launch Your Career As A Trainer

Lesson Two: How To Choose The Right Gym AND Get Any Gym To Practically Beg You To Come Work For Them

Lesson Three: How To Create A “Mad Rush” Of Clients Ready To Train With You As Soon As You Start Working In Any Gym

Lesson Four: The Marketing Secrets To Use Inside Your Gym That Create A Constant Flow Of New Clients Into Your Business

Lesson Five: The Marketing Secrets To Use Outside Your Gym That Bring In New Clients – Even If They’re Not Members Of The Gym

Lesson Six: Selling Secrets: How To Take Potential Clients And Turn Them Into Paying Clients Without Being Pushy Or Scummy

Lesson Seven: The 8 Special Techniques That Cause Clients To Stay With You Forever So You Don’t Have To Work To Find New Ones

Lesson Eight: How To Use A “Base Product” To Compliment Your Training And Double Your Income

Again, these are just a few of the things I got from Stu’s course.  It’s truly amazing.  But it gets even better…  Remember when I said Stu gives you templates?  Well, that’s part of the bonuses you get.  You see, there are seven incredible bonuses you get when you do Stu’s e-class!

Incredible Bonus #1: Stu’s Out-Of-The-Box, Road-Tested Templates (A $500 value!)

You will get dozens of Stu’s most effective, ready-to-use templates for pricing sheets, workout logs, liability forms, client tracking sheets, nutrition plans, cardio programs, marketing flyers, sales letters, and other flyers. All you have to do is “plug-and-play” with your name and logo!

Incredible Bonus #2: Real-Life Sales Training Recordings with Stu (A $350 Value!)

These are actual recordings of sales conversations between Stu and new clients. Stu will explain what happens when a client doesn’t sign up and also what he does to sell a client $698 worth of training and nutrition programs.  Now you will understand exactly what causes clients to sign up or not.

Incredible Bonus #3: One Month of Full Access to Stu’s Inner Circle Mastermind (An $800 Value!)

Every two weeks, Stu gets on a call with you and a small group of trainers.  You all hold each other accountable and come up with cutting-edge ideas to grow your business fast and make sure you stay on track.  Often, an extra set of eyes is essential for growing your business because we can see things you can’t. 

Incredible Bonus #4: A Full Business Audit with Stu (A $400 Value!)

Stu will personally call you and audit your business.  He will explain exactly what you can do – simple changes – that will easily help you add $1,000.00 – $2,000.00 per month to your business and make your clients fall even more in love with you so they never leave!  This is a private call and completely custom for your situation… whatever that may be.

Incredible Bonus #5: The “Online-Training” E-course (A $500 Value!)

There is a very specific way to add online-training to your business without eating away at your revenues.  This is a very delicate process and must be done with extreme caution!  Stu guides you step-by-step on how to do this, what software to use and the best way to implement it into your business.  He also explains the biggest mistakes and misconceptions about online-training that bankrupt many trainers.

Incredible Bonus #6: The “Group Training Secrets” Course (A $350 Value!)

Stu shows you how to set up group training and get clients enrolled… and… shows you how to price your group training packages and even how to structure the training sessions so your clients get a ton of value and stay in the group forever.  For instance, Stu shows you how he has been able to keep his groups for over five years and how you can do the same.  He even explains how you can use group training to “save” clients who want to cancel with you.

 Incredible Bonus #7: A Mystery Bonus (A $500-$700 Value!)

Stu includes a couple additional bonuses when you sign up, but he asked me not to tell you what they are.  I shouldn’t even be telling you about the extra bonus because Stu likes to surprise you when you enroll in the course and over-deliver on everything… just know this bonus (and probably others Stu will add too) is awesome!

The bonuses alone are worth $3,500.00!  And to tell you the truth… they are worth every penny!  I would gladly pay that for the bonuses because they are that good.

But guess what?  

I didn’t even pay that for the entire course!  

You see, Stu gave me a special deal since the course is online and he is offering  you the same deal… if you take advantage of it.

Normally Stu charges $5,000.00 plus 10% of your earnings to mentor you.  And he requires you to pay for his travel and accommodations… so when everything is all said and done…

You’re Looking At About $8,000 For Stu To Mentor You!

But because Stu found a way to do his lessons online, he’s able to give you a super deal…

In fact… 

You Won’t Even Pay $3,000 For The Entire Course AND The Seven Bonuses...

The course is only $2,400, which (in my opinion) is a steal because of how fast it works and how much more money you’ll be making right away.

But still… I talked to Stu about it and told him there are a lot of new trainers who are like me – they are only making a very small amount of income per month.  And…

 I Asked Stu If There Was Any Way He Could Offer A Very Special Enrollment For You…

And Stu agreed!  He told me he is willing to reward trainers who take action and who are committed to creating an amazing life and business.   So here’s what he did:

Stu is willing to offer the course at OVER 60% OFF!  Your investment is only one payment of $997.

But only through Friday August 9, 2019…  Then the price goes back up to $2,400!  And trust me when I tell you, I would jump on this in a heartbeat.  In fact, I would easily pay $5,000 for Stu’s course because it completely changes your life!

But wait… because I convinced Stu to give you the same extra-special deal he gave me… This means…

You Can Get The E-Class For Free!

Listen: after getting to know Stu, I can honestly say he’s one of the nicest guys I know and he truly has your best interest in mind.  

And so he’s letting you take half of the course for free so you can make sure it’s right for you!

Not only does he go above and beyond when you do the course, but he will make sure you succeed.  

He becomes your personal coach.  

Here’s how I know – because there was a time during the course when I had a terrible emergency and Stu actually called me up and talked me through it personally.  Now that is service!

Anyway, here’s how it works:

All you have to do is go to www.thesixfiguretrainer.com/eclass and get enrolled… it’s that easy.  And you won’t be billed a single penny for 30 days

So you have an entire month to be absolutely sure the course is going to work for you… and… if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide it’s not for you… you just cancel.  But, both Stu and I are 100% sure the e-class will be the best course you ever experience and it will totally change your life. 

I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t completely believe in Stu and his e-class. And I almost forgot to tell you… Stu is also offering a full…

Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

Finish the course.  Start applying everything Stu shows you.  Get into your dream gym.  Attract clients to you like a magnet.  Use Stu’s best flyers, promotions, training programs and packages.  Use his secret, most-effective sales and marketing tactics…  Then… take an entire 365 days to put it to the test!

If after a full year… for some reason you’re the first person it doesn’t work for, Stu will give you double your money back!  All you have to do is show Stu that you gave it an honest try.  So, if you’re ready to become a successful trainer… and make the income you know you deserve…

Here’s what to do now:

Go to www.thesixfiguretrainer.com/eclass … and you’ll be taken to a checkout page outlining everything you get – including all of the incredible bonuses.

Have your credit card ready and reserve your spot.  Remember… you won’t be billed for 30 days.

Scott Parrotino

P.S. One last thing: I recommend you reserve your spot right away.  You will save over $1,400 and you can always decide later if it’s not for you… but you may not ever get this deal again.

So go to www.thesixfiguretrainer.com/eclass and lock in your savings right now!

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