Why You’re Only A Few Easy Steps Away From Your Dream Life As A Trainer…

Why You're Only A Few Easy Steps Away From Your Dream Life As A Trainer...

Dear Trainer,

Ever wonder what it would be like when you’re successful… you know… when you’re making a great living and you work an incredible schedule – maybe 3-4 days a week?

Well if you have, then you need to keep reading because I’m going to show you what your life can be like when you really nail everything down… and… why you will want to do it as soon as possible.

Plus, what I’m about to tell you will motivate you so much I can almost promise…

You will be inspired to go out and
get a few new clients after reading this article! 

(Heck, you may even want to print it and refer to it.)

Anyway, here’s what it’s all about:  Imagine for a second that you love… I mean absolutely love waking up each day to go to work. 

You look forward to seeing all of your clients and giving them insane workouts that both of you love.  You never worry about money because you make enough to afford your lifestyle AND stash extra away for savings and retirement.

And imagine that you also have 4 days off per week to do anything you want… hiking, shopping, a day trip or adventure, maybe just hanging out at home and grilling some food for lunch with your family or significant other.

The fact is…

This scenario is pretty awesome and
most people would kill for this lifestyle… 

…And I’m telling you that you’re closer than you think to having it.  Seriously… you are just a few tools away from this.

How do I know?  Simple: This is my lifestyle.  I’m truly blessed and I am grateful each and every day I wake up.  In fact, I’m so grateful that I started this website and my e-class so I could help other trainers experience the same feeling and lifestyle I have.

And here’s the best part… I’ve helped trainers (beginner trainers starting from ground zero) get this lifestyle in less than a year!  Just think how great it would be if you could live life on your terms and do it in less than a year.

Here’s the truth: Good trainers don’t usually make good livings.  In fact…

Most trainers don’t know about business so
they end up settling for a mediocre life

On the other hand, there are very average trainers who learn about business and create a truly rich and abundant life.  They make good money AND have a great schedule and personal life.

But you get to choose what life you want:  you focus only on technical knowledge and try to do everything yourself… or… you can invest in knowledge that actually pays off.  You can get the business skills that will allow you to build the life you really want.

You know… sometimes I wish I could give you my brain with all of my knowledge and experience in it.  If I did I know you would be able to build you dream life in several months.  But… unfortunately I can’t so I’ve done the next best thing:

I’ve put all of my knowledge into my e-class online and I have shared every single thing I have ever learned in the last 20 years so you don’t have to make all of the mistakes I had to make.

Think about it…

You could literally learn everything I spent
20 years learning in a matter of weeks!

But you know what?  Many trainer still insist on going through everything by themselves and learning the hard way.  And they either take years and years of frustration to finally succeed… or they never succeed at all and they give up on their dream and passion.

The truth is, everybody – you, me, everybody – is a few steps away from greatness.  And usually all it takes to succeed is the right knowledge combined with a good mentor or coach who guides you.  Listen… I’ve helped hundreds of trainers and (in my experience) all you need is a few small tools and a push in the right direction.

For example, if you and I talked and I gave you a few lead-generating tools and explained how to set your schedule and pricing so you could make $70,000 per year (or more) while only working 3-4 days a week… your life would change almost immediately!

Then… if I was there to guide you through the awkward phase of doing what we talked about… you would easily succeed within just a few short months.  Now this is an example of just how close you are from total and complete success.  You see how simple it is?

Anyway, why am I going on and on about this?  Well, to be honest it’s because I want you to get fired up and keep your passion high so you don’t give up.  I want you to succeed more than anyone, and I want you to know just how simple and easy it can be when you have the right knowledge and coaching.

And I want you to know how close you are to
breakout success in your life…

…So here’s the deal… if you know deep down that you are an amazing trainer just a few steps away from the abundant life I keep talking about… then email me and we will set up a quick call.  I will be happy to talk with you and see how I can help you.  I will be happy to advise you or answer your most important questions.


Talk soon!

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