The Amazing Marketing Secret of A Personal Trainer From Colorado…

The Amazing Marketing Secret of A Personal Trainer From Colorado...

Dear Friend,

If you’re a personal trainer (or thinking about becoming one) and you’re wondering how to market your services without spending a fortune or wasting money… then you need to read this message…

…because I’m going to explain one of my best marketing secrets that will add 2 new clients a  month – easy!

OK… so let me just clarify something: 

What I’m about to tell you applies to both newbie trainers AND veteran trainers…

And it doesn’t matter how many clients you have right now.  Nope.  This little gem I’m about to share will easily add 2 new clients a month… and… you will be laughing when you find out how easy it is!

But first I need to explain a little background (otherwise you won’t be able to use this secret successfully).

Ever since I started training…

I was the kind of guy who thought giving “free sessions” was the best way to get new clients…

And I gave away a lot of free sessions and wasted my time – without much to show for it.  (If you’ve read my other blogs or have taken my e-class, you know why you shouldn’t do free sessions.)

Finally, I figured out…

How to offer a “freebie” that causes clients to sign up with you!

And I call this a free “fitness evaluation”.  (Which I explain how to set up in the e-class… but this message is going to focus on something totally different.)

Anyway, it’s been years since I’ve done a “free session”, but the other day, I realized there is a very special way to get new clients…

And it’s a type of free session… but… it’s a very specific type of free session for a specific type of potential client.

Here’s what I mean:  Your typical free session consists of you taking a potential client through a workout and then trying to sell them your training.  And most clients are wise to this.  And a lot of them just use you for the free session.

But… there is a type of potential client you can do the free session with. 

And it almost always works!

You see… this is a free session for a friend or family member of your current clients.

Let me explain.  The big difference here is, when you get a friend or family member to come in with one of your current clients, often your client is telling them to sign up with you or telling them what a great trainer you are…

… and this is a golden opportunity to sign them up because they have been referred to you.

But this isn’t a standard referral.  This is a friend or family member bringing them in.  And this difference is crucial because…They already think highly of you and their guard is down. 

And they are comfortable and much more receptive to sign up with you.

In fact, just yesterday a new client signed up with me and is paying me $500 a month as a result of joining in just one workout with her friend (my client).

I did almost no work (I was going to train my client anyway) and this woman loved the workout so much she signed up with me.  And she is going to be a long-term client.  (We already set up our training schedule for the next 12 weeks!)

So here’s the rule:

It is almost always a good idea to let your clients’ kids, spouses and good friends tag along with you (and your client) for free if and when your client asks you. (I say almost because there are always people who will take advantage of you and you must be able to identify those people!)

For example, when your client’s kid(s) are home from college and they want to come join the workout you’re doing with their parent… let them join in.

But be sure to mention how you’re making an exception for your client because of how much you appreciate them.  This lets the client know they are getting something special without you throwing it in their face.

So remember… I don’t recommend doing “free sessions” as a way to get new clients unless it falls under this specific set of circumstances.

And just think about how many clients would bring a close friend who would sign up with you.  If you have just eight clients… that’s 8-16 (or more) potential new clients right off the bat!

See… I told you it’s easy!





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