“$120,000.00 Per Year in 3 Years as a Personal Trainer…

“How a 21-year old finance major became a personal trainer and grew his business to six figures within a few years…”

$120,000.00 Per Year in 3 Years as a Personal Trainer

Dear Friend,

If you want to build your business to $70,000…$80,000…even $100,000 per year as a personal trainer… this message is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here’s why. I’m about to share how a finance major started a personal training career… almost went broke… then figured out the formula to succeed as a trainer … and never get a “9-5 job.”

I was fresh out of college… CU Boulder. I just earned a finance degree, but couldn’t stand the thought of working a 9-5 job with one of those huge institutional finance firms that treat you like a number.

I knew I wanted to have my own business and
I loved fitness so I became a trainer

I worked the math on a napkin in my apartment 2 months before I was about to graduate…

I figured if I charge $50 per hour… and I get clients working with me 2x a week… then I would only need 10 clients and I would be making $50,000 per year!


I had been doing sales for a gym for the past 2 years, and I got to see how the sales company generated leads and members for the gym.

I decided I was going to make a flyer, have it printed and deliver it door-to-door so that I wouldn’t have to spend much.

After all… I had very little money

So I made 1,000 flyers and for two days straight, I delivered them door-to-door to the wealthiest homes in my area… these were the $800,000 and $1 million homes… people that could afford training.

After walking for 8 hours a day… two days straight… I eagerly waited for the phone to ring so I could start making money!

5 days went by… not a single phone call! I kept telling myself the calls would come in soon… just a few more days. But…After two weeks… not a single phone call…

My plans were crumbling before my eyes.

I was paying $800 per month in rent and was riding a motorcycle. This was particularly daunting because winter was coming and I didn’t have (nor could I afford) a car…

If I couldn’t find clients fast… I was going to
go broke and have to find a job!

Fortunately… something happened… I met a man who ended up becoming my mentor.

This guy was training at the gym I did sales for, and his business was booming. He was pulling in about $125,000 per year!

After I mustered up the courage to talk to him… I asked if we could have lunch. He agreed and we spent over 2 hours talking.

He liked me and told me he would love for me to work for him. I agreed. I needed money fast or I was about to go belly up!

After about 3 months, I had 5 clients… 12 clients after a year… but it was very different than I had anticipated.

I didn’t realize how much gyms take in
commissions – usually about 50%!

I was only making $15 per session. I was doing about 100 sessions a month and was still only making $1,500 per month… just enough to live on and pay my bills.

I lived so simple that I could afford to do this… buy my life was pretty miserable. I couldn’t do anything and all my money went towards food!

So here’s what happened… I started researching everything I could find on sales and marketing. I learned how to get leads and grow a business.

At the end of the second year… I had grown my clients to about 25 and was doing 240 sessions per month!

But… I was still only making $18 per session since I was still working for this guy. I had learned how to grow a business… and helped him grow his business… but he wasn’t willing to increase my pay or reward me…

So I decided to go out on my own. It was the
scariest decision I’ve ever made

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to succeed. I thought the reason I was getting clients was because of my boss… but I was so wrong!

Remember… up until this point I had never done anything on my own. I secretly didn’t think I would be able to do it since my only attempts had failed miserably…

But I applied all of the marketing tricks I researched. I knew how to sell now… and things started going amazing.

After I started running ads, the phone rang this time! The marketing advice worked!

Plus… I was in a great gym now and there were a lot of affluent members that I could also pull from.

Within a year, I was making $10,200 per month!

That’s not all… I was voted “Best of the Best Personal Trainers” in Colorado and my reputation kept spreading…

And here’s the best part… I now owned a home and a car, and I had an incredible life. I loved what I was doing… I was helping a ton of people!

The only down side was that I was still working about 70 hours a week and I had no life.

Let’s face it… making a great living is important, but not if you can’t enjoy it.

I worked 70-hour weeks for 2 more years before
I started to burn out…

Finally, one day I crashed. A client who had become a friend talked to me about what was going on. He recommended I read, “The Four Hour Work Week.”

So I did… and it changed my entire perspective on work… I realized how inefficient my schedule was so I changed it.

Here’s what happened… Over the next year, I condensed all of my clients from training 6 days a week to 4 days a week – Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat…

Then I raised my rates to the point where I kept most of my clients at a fair price and thinned out my schedule.

At first I was freaking out because I wasn’t working very much and I thought I wasn’t making much money…

Then… after a few months…

I realized I was making $82,400.00 and
only working 4 days a week!

Now I had my dream job! Now I was where I wanted to be… I was making great money and had 3 full days a week to live my life!

In fact, I finally got a girlfriend and could spend a lot of quality time with her… (the best part was being able to go do things on a weekday when everyone else was working!)

How’s that possible? Simple… I spent about 7 years in the trenches… doing research… learning the hard way…

But I figured it out… the formula for making money and having an incredible life.

One key was having a mentor…

You see, my boss gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed at the time. He had knowledge I didn’t. If he would have treated me more like a partner rather than an employee, I’d probably still be working with him today. We made a great team…

The other key… which is the most important… was all the research I did on sales and marketing.

You’ve probably heard me say how it doesn’t matter how much education you have or how long you’ve been training…

You can be the best trainer in the world, but if you don’t
know sales and marketing you’ll still go broke!

Without clients, you can’t use your talents or knowledge. You can’t pay the bills or live a great life.

Money isn’t the most important thing, but it sure makes a big difference.

What if you didn’t NEED another client? You had enough money and enough of a cushion so you weren’t desperate?

Here’s what happens… you get more clients! When you don’t chase them and you don’t come off as desperate, you end up getting more clients.

How do I know? Because I stopped doing much marketing about 2 years ago, and I’m still turning away clients.

In fact, I just raised my prices again because I don’t need anymore business and any clients I take on need to pay more because my time is more valuable…

I now charge about $150 per hour!

This is what’s possible when you get the right information… but you really need to understand sales and marketing… and find a mentor who can help you.

You can do it on your own… but it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort.

Remember… I spent 10 years figuring this out before I had an amazing life. It was 10 years in the trenches.

Now… if I started from scratch… I could build
up my business in 3-6 months!

The only difference is knowledge… and that’s the knowledge I can provide to you….

In fact you can all of my knowledge in my special e-class. It’s an online crash course where I take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step to boost your income $20,000-30,000 in just a few months!

Plus you’ll get seven incredible bonuses to give you everything you will ever need to be a world-class trainer immediately. Check it out here


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