How To Get Along With Other Trainers (Your Competition)…

How To Get Along With Other Trainers (Your Competition)...

Dear trainer,

When you are training at the gym, there are going to be other trainers who work there and compete with you for clients… and… if you want to learn how to get along with them without worrying about them hurting your business then read the rest of this article right away!

Here’s what it’s all about:

There is an art to getting along with your competition while still getting the majority of clients.  For example: you have to be nice and likable… even though you are the one getting most of the new clients – and this can be tough.

Now… if you’ve taken my e-class then…

…You Are Going To Be Ahead Of
99% Of The Trainers Out There… 

And that means you will be getting the majority of clients in the gym.  In fact, the other trainers will probably notice how quickly you’re building your business.  And that’s when you need to “play the game.”

You see, if the other trainers dislike you it can make working at the gym extremely difficult and unpleasant.  However, if they like you – even if you’re getting all of the clients – then you can love where you work and still make a great living.

Now… you need to know something:

The Other Trainers Will Start
Asking You About Your Secrets

And you have to decide if you’re going to tell them or not.  In my opinion, you should not tell them.  Think about it.  If you invested your time and money to learn all these secrets in my e-class, why would you give them away to your competition?  I wouldn’t.

Here’s what you should do instead:  Tell the other trainers that they can work for you.  You will get them clients and teach them your techniques.  And then you split the earnings.

Here’s an example.

Say you charge $45 per session and they gym takes 30%.  In total, you take home about $32 per session.

Now… when a trainer is working for you… you pay them $25 per session and keep $7 per session after expenses.  If the trainer is any good (and you are getting them clients) they may be doing 150-200 sessions per month.

And That Is An Extra $1,400 Per Month of Income

Plus, less competition!

Now, I realize the details in this specific example may be a bit unclear… and… it’s beyond the scope of this article to explain every step.  But… if you’ve taken my e-class you know how I go over every small detail so you can make this work perfectly.

In fact, a few of my students used this method at their gym and ended up with two trainers coming to work for them.  As a result, they made an extra $1,462.00 per month and increased their business and brand within the gym!

Now… one of the reasons they made this work was because they were liked by all the other trainers. 

They Applied The Following Techniques…

First, you always need to be nice to the other trainers.  You need to take the time to engage in small talk and get to know the other trainers.  It’s great if you’re friends with them too.  But remember to keep professional boundaries – especially if you spend time with them outside of the gym.

Next, you should be careful not to brag or talk too much.  The last thing you want is to tell the trainers you work with how good you are… or all of your strategies to get new clients.  Instead, just go to work, focus on your own business and do your best.  Don’t worry about other people’s businesses or clients.

When you focus on doing your best, everything will fall into place.

Lastly, always be willing to help the other trainers if they need anything. You need to be a team player and outgoing.  But this doesn’t mean sharing all of your secrets or letting anyone take advantage of you.

Think of it this way: you want everyone at the gym to know how much you love being there and how much you like the people there… even if some days you don’t.  You need to keep this mentality all of the time because people will assume the best in you when you do and they will be on your side.

Like I said… it’s an art making sure you are friendly with your competition and they like you… but… it’s also very necessary!


Make it a great day and remember to have fun!



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