Why You DON’T Want To Use A “Free Session” To Get New Clients! (And What To Do Instead)…

Why You DON'T Want To Use A "Free Session" To Get New Clients! (And What To Do Instead)...

Dear Friend,

If you currently offer “free sessions” as a way to get new clients… and… you have ever wondered if there is a better way that get more people to sign up with you…

Then keep reading because I’m about to share the best way to convert leads to new clients without wasting your time doing “free sessions”!

Listen up.  I used to do free sessions when I was starting out as a trainer, and I would get…

so frustrated when people took advantage of
me and would “squeeze me for information”

Here’s what I mean:  I would get a lead and call them.  Then I would set up a free session with them hoping to get them to sign up with me.  I figured if I did an amazing session with them… they would see what a good trainer I was and want to sign up with me.

But I was dead wrong.

Most people just wanted free information.  They would work out with me then “steal” what I taught them and do it themselves.  I would get so upset because I felt taken advantage of!

Then, I learned what I was doing wrong…

I figured out that people didn’t think they need a coach or a trainer… or a nutrition plan… even though they were 20 or 30 pounds overweight.

In fact, most people don’t realize that they need a coach.  EVERYONE needs a coach… you, me, everyone.

And when you realize that… and you hire a coach… you’ll also get a ton more clients because you can share your experience with a coach and help them understand why they actually do need a coach.

Anyway, the big problem was that people didn’t realize they had a problem.  And I was simply doing a “free session” which is not very persuasive at all.

However, I soon realized what to do instead: 

I needed to educate my leads so they could learn they had a problem without me telling them they had a problem…

You see, if you tell someone they have a problem, they usually get mad or defensive. But, if THEY realize they have a problem on their own… they seek help.

And that’s not all… when you position yourself as the expert… they seek help from YOU!

And this was the turning point for me.

I figured out how to educate a lead so they would realize they have a problem, then seek me out to help them fix it.  And it worked much better than wasting my time doing free sessions.

In fact, it worked so well, I would get 4 out of 5 leads to sign up with me!  (Now, I also combined what I’m about to tell you with the “Attentive Selling Method”… the two work hand-in-hand)

So here’s what to do instead of free sessions…

You need to be doing “fitness audits” or “fitness evaluations”.  Forget the word “consultation” or “orientation” because too many trainers use these terms and clients are used to them.

Instead, you need to set yourself apart by using new terms and doing something totally different!

Here’s how:

When you do a fitness audit or evaluation, you are going to pick two or three “tests” to do with the person.

Now, if you’ve taken my online e-class, you’ll know that you need to create three “specialties” and here’s why…

You are going to build the fitness audit around these specialties and then link it back to your expertise so the client will want to train with you.

For example: in my case I do a body-fat test, blood pressure test and a balance test.  I prefer these because they are all numerically based and I can give the lead a very definite measurement and “rating” so they can see how they measure up.

In addition, I set goals and explain what it will take to reach the goals.

After everything is said and done, most leads realize they have a problem…

And now they have a goal and an
expert (me) to help them get to their goal

Plus, they are motivated because I am explaining how quickly they can get to that goal, look good, feel great and accomplish so much with a little help and coaching.

The evaluation takes about 30 minutes and it includes the actual testing, the goal setting and my entire “Attentive Selling Method” process.

And like I said… 4 out of 5 people sign up with me (which is a very high percentage).

The truth is most trainers are bad at sales and marketing… and… most trainers to free sessions.  And then other trainers mimic these trainers and it’s like the blind leading the blind.

Instead… be different and add more value while educating your clients and positioning yourself as the expert.  You’ll probably never to a “free session” again!


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