The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned as a Personal Trainer…

The Most Important Thing I've Learned as a Personal Trainer...

Dear Trainer,

What you’re about to read is the single most important thing I’ve learned in my 20 years of being a trainer… and… how it can easily help you earn more, work less and love your profession forever…

Now… if that sounds interesting, then this will be the most exciting article you will read.

Let’s get going…

In my 20 years training, I’ve seen (and worked with) a lot of trainers – some successful and some not.  And I learned something from my experience (and from watching all of these other trainers) that changed my life and made me a successful trainer!

In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes trainers make… and it’s so simple you’ll never guess what it is.

So what is this “simple thing” that changed my life?  I’m glad you asked.  The single most important thing I learned in 20 years is…

Don’t Train How You Want…
Train How Your Clients Want You To

Here’s what I mean… I remember when I was working at a gym.  And clients kept coming over to train with me from another trainer – we’ll call here Jessie (this is not her real name).

Anyway, these clients kept coming to train with me and they all said the same thing. “Stu, we like Jessie, but she always does workouts that SHE wants to do… not what we want to do!”

“Well, isn’t that why you hire a trainer?  For their expertise?” I asked.

“Yeah, but that’s not what we’re talking about.”  They Said.  “Jessie randomly changes our workouts without rhyme or reason, and when we tell her we don’t like them, she doesn’t listen!”

And here’s the important part: These clients kept getting injured because Jessie wouldn’t listen when they said they were having trouble or that something hurt.

What does this have to do with you?

Simple.  You’re probably thinking how absurd this is, but I have to tell you something… the majority of trainers I’ve been around think like this.

They create workouts they want to
do instead of what their clients want to do.

And this is a terrible mistake.  A mistake you can easily avoid!

Instead, what you want to do is ask your client what they like.

  • The style of training they like
  • The intensity of training they like
  • What their goals are (i.e. balance, flexibility, endurance, muscle mass, etc…)
  • What injuries they have
  • If anything triggers pain or injuries
  • And more

However that’s not all… you actually need to LISTEN to what they say and craft the workouts and programs around their answers.

That fact is… this is what make a good trainer…

…When you have the ability to create workouts that your clients NEED… and… also that they will absolutely love.

Here’s why.  By doing this, your clients will not only get amazing results… they’ll also love the workouts, love you and train with you forever.

Plus, when you AND your clients enjoy the workouts… life becomes so much easier and you will have so much fun training! (I know because I’ve been training for 20 years and I still love it!)

And this is the secret – the most important thing I’ve learned in 20 years.

The truth is, the trainers that failed only did what they wanted while the most successful trainers found a way to do what their clients wanted and still get amazing results.

So… now it’s your turn…

Take a look at the routines and programs you’ve been creating.  Are they what your clients want or what you want?  Have you asked your clients enough questions to know what they want and what their limitations are?

Comment below and let me know where you’re at… and be honest.  It can be hard to look at this.  But when you do… you can make yourself an amazing and successful trainer!

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