The Truth About Marketing For Personal Trainers

Dear Fiend,

Listen up because I’m about to show you a little-known secret about marketing that will get you dozens of clients.

OK… I’m going to be blunt… most trainers don’t know squat about marketing and their business suffers.  They don’t get many new clients and they struggle.

But here’s the thing… it’s because you’re marketing wrong.  And what I’m about to show you will explain everything!

Most people think what Coca Cola does is marketing… but it’s really not.  It’s actually brand awareness.

And this is DEATH for any small-business owner.

Rather, what you need is real, effective marketing that actually makes money so you don’t end up wasting your savings on marketing or advertising that doesn’t work.

In fact, I spend two entire lessons on this in my e-class because it’s so important and so many trainers aren’t doing this. (And when they do, their businesses go crazy!)

Here’s an example case study:

So… tell me which of these you think works better?

Version #1:


Version #2

The answer is version #2.

Here’s the story:  The owner of the gym I work at spent $5,000 on social media marketing and $1,200 on door hangers.

  • The social media brought in 0 sales and $0!  (In other words… he wasted $5,000!)
  • The door hangers brought in one sale and $2,000.  So he made $800 on the door hangers.

But there’s more… and this is where things get important:

We then sent out 500 door hangers of my version (version #2) and we got 4 sales from only 500 door hangers and $8,000.  So we made $7,500!  

The pretty door hanger didn’t do much.  The ugly door hanger did amazing.

And this is the mistake you are no doubt making.  Look, pretty flyers look nice… but they don’t make you money.

Well-written direct-response marketing looks average… but makes you a lot of money.  And that’s why you need to learn how to market correctly.

Otherwise, you’ll be like most people (and the gym owner) who end up wasting money with little or no results.

And that sucks.

I hope this helps… short and to the point…



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