“Don’t Quit… You’re Almost There!” – How To Overcome Any Obstacle Or Failure…

"Don't Quit... You're Almost There!" - How To Overcome Any Obstacle Or Failure...

Dear Friend,

No matter what’s going on… don’t quit…

Listen up! I’m about to explain how to overcome any obstacle or failure and achieve the life of your dreams!

So make sure you read this entire article right away because – even if you’re not experiencing any obstacles right now, you will… and…

… you need to be prepared!

Here’s the thing:  No matter how smart, confident, rich, good-looking or savvy you are… 

You will always encounter obstacles and failures in life…

Especially when you’re a trainer.

But the important factor (which determines if you’ll be successful or not) is how you handle these obstacles… and… whether or not you can overcome them quickly.

The key factor is if you have a “winner’s mindset”!

Remember, I’ve been training for over 20 years.  And I’ve experienced just about every obstacle and failure you can imagine.  The reason I’m so successful is because I overcome obstacles. 

And when you develop a “winner’s mindset”  you will overcome any obstacle in your life too…

So what is a “winner’s mindset”?  The answer is simple:

A “winner’s mindset” is a way of thinking about your life, your successes, your failures and everything in between.


When you take on this mindset, you automatically put yourself on the fast-track for success

In fact, this is one of the biggest takeaways trainers get after they do my e-class.  They figure out how to think in a way that creates more clients, more money, more freedom, more fun … and ultimately their dream life!

Here’s an example:  Most trainers become trainers to help others.  And they start out as excited as a kid on Christmas.

But then they hit a wall…  They can’t get enough clients to pay their bills.  And they experience rejection from prospective clients.  Even worse… they’re putting in a lot of unpaid hours at the gym and aren’t seeing results.

And withing 3-6 months, they get burned out, frustrated and discouraged.  And they quit.

Look… I’ve personally worked with hundreds of trainers over the years.  And this cycle happens almost every time like clockwork. 

Within five minutes, I can tell if a trainer is going to overcome this 6-month cycle or not

And 87% fail and give up.

But the 13% who make it all have a few things in common – they have the “winner’s mindset”!

First of all, these 13% are all learners.  They are willing to listen to me and they actually follow what I say.

Then… they put what I show them into action.  And even if they don’t see instant results… they trust me and stay the course.  And you know what?

Within just a couple months…

They start getting a steady stream of new clients and their business takes off!

And here’s the kicker:

They don’t view the “ramp up time” as bad or a failure.  They simply focus on doing what I show them.

The other 87% of trainers (the ones who fail) get bent out of shape during these few months.  And they stop doing what I show them.  Instead, they try a bunch of different things without any focus.

In other words… They just try a bunch of stuff hoping something will work

But when you do this…

Nothing works because you never give anything a chance to work…

In addition, the 13% of successful trainers view setbacks in a very unique way.  They have an almost scientific view.

Here’s what I mean:  I was working with a young trainer named Ashley.  She was brand new to the profession and wanted to become successful as fast as possible… so she hired me.

In the first month, she got a job at a high-end gym and started implementing the marketing tricks I showed her.

Within three months, Ashley was making $2,120 a month.  Everything was going perfectly… But then she hit her first wall.

She did a door hanger promotion we came up with together.  And Ashley spent $1,200 to deliver 5,000 door hangers around the neighborhoods by her gym.  She was expecting about 30 phone calls, but only got five.

So she only ended up getting two new clients… which didn’t quite pay for her investment.  (Actually, I think it did because the clients will most likely stay with Ashley for several months – which I explained to her.)

Anyway… Ashley didn’t get upset…. Instead…

She viewed this scientifically and studied what worked and what didn’t work…

And then she made a few modifications.  

She sent out another set of door hangers.  This time she only sent out 2,000 and paid $630.

And guess what happened…

She got 10 phone calls and signed up 3 new clients – each paying $399!

Best part: She kept using this door hanger, got over 12 new clients in just 6 months, and was making $4,380 after paying the gym!

  And the key was that she didn’t give up or view her setback as a failure…

She had a “winner’s mindset.”

And now you can easily develop a “winner’s mindset” too.


P.S. – If you’re truly serious about fast-tracking your success… then get into my e-class right away – before the price goes up.

Remember, in the special e-class I take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step like I did with Ashley so you can start making $4,000 a month or more in just 6 months!


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