How To Be A Successful Personal Trainer And Make Lots Of Money At Any Age…

How To Be A Successful Personal Trainer And Make Lots Of Money At Any Age...

Dear Trainer,

Did you know you can actually make more money as a trainer as you get older?

It’s true… but some people will tell you only young people can be trainers. 

Let me explain…

The other day I got an email from a guy who was thinking about becoming a trainer.  But he saw a video on YouTube where a trainer was saying that nobody will want to train with you when you get older.  And only young people who are in great shape can be trainers.

But This Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth!

Here’s how I know: When I was working in a very high-end gym, the top trainer (before I got there) was a man in his 60’s.  His name was Mark and everyone loved him and wanted to train with him.

Why?  Actually, there are two reasons:

  1. First, he was an amazing trainer and people knew how experienced he was
  2. And second… most people who hire a trainer are older.  They are usually in their late 30s to late 50s… and… they want to work with someone similar to them.

You see, it’s a myth that people only want to work with attractive, young people in great shape.

The truth is, most clients are older and they actually prefer an older trainer.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t become a trainer when you’re young.  You can make a terrific living as a young trainer.  I certainly have.

But what it does mean is you should forget the idea that you’ll be at a disadvantage as you get older… because… 

You’ll Actually Be At An Advantage When You’re Older!

I say this because it really breaks my heart to hear from a young man who is now considering other professions as a result of watching some guy’s video on YouTube… and… believing a lie.

So what does all this have to do with you?  The answer is simple: 

Don’t Ever Worry About Getting Clients As You Get Older…

They will love training with you more than ever before.  And they will be so grateful they have found a trainer with experience who can relate to them!

Keep training strong!



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