Should Personal Trainers Work at Multiple Gyms?

should personal trainers work at multiple gyms

Dear Friend,

This is a great question… should personal trainers work at multiple gyms as opposed to one gym?  Well…

I’m about to explain why the best trainers work at one gym… and… why working at one gym instead of multiple gyms will actually increase your income.  Here’s what I mean…

I’ve heard the argument from both sides:

Some trainers swear that you just shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  They might say that working at multiple gyms creates diversity.

That argument sounds logical… so I investigated and here’s what I found out…

On average…

personal trainers that make one gym their primary place of business outperform the average trainer!

Here’s why…

Familiarity With Members

When you work at one gym, you get to know all the members… at least, you do if you go out of your way to meet them and talk to them (which you should).

People do business with people they like and feel comfortable with.  In my own experience, I’ve had members come up to me and ask to train with me after years.

We would talk about fitness and nutrition, and after three years they decided to train with me because they could trust me and felt comfortable with me.

When you work at one gym and make it your home base… the members build affinity and trust with you faster.

Think about it.  Day in and day out, the members see you.  They see that you’re successful.  They see that you’re not going anywhere.  Once they’re comfortable and believe in you, they’ll want to train with you.

There are a lot of trainers that screw clients and just leave.  Clients that have burned by a trainer will be very timid to sign up with a new one.  They want to make sure you’re not a fly-by-night trainer.

A Focused Business

Whenever you spread yourself thin, the quality of your services goes down… period.

The trainers that work at multiple gyms spend extra time traveling and marketing in multiple locations.  Their efforts become fragmented.

Trainers that focus their business at one location can dive in and put all of their energy into that business.  You can focus your marketing efforts, time, and PR efforts to get to know the members.  You can test your marketing efforts and hone your message for that gym’s clientele.

You can become THE trainer in that gym and stand out.

Notoriety & Expert Status

When you focus all of your efforts at one gym, you can quickly build and expert-level status.  You can build your credibility and create long-term exposure.  You can build buzz and hype.

These things are possible when you focus at one gym because the members (and staff) will realize you have staying power and that you’re successful.

Consider this: as more people see you training other people, they will want to train with you… as more people see you getting results with other people, they’ll want to train with you.

I was often accused by other trainers of steeling their clients.  I didn’t.  The other trainers’ clients kept seeing my clients having great workouts and getting better results so they naturally wanted to train with me.

I charged twice as much as the other trainers, but their clients still wanted to train with me…


Because I was the trainer that was always at the gym.  I was the trainer that focused my efforts.  I got better results and had much more focus to build my business… and I did.

If You’re a Good Trainer, You’ll Be Safe

The plain fact is, the best decision is to choose one gym for your home base.  It’s possible that you might train one or two clients somewhere else for extenuating circumstances, but that should be the exception.

The fear most trainers have are that the gym can close and you leave yourself unprotected.

Let me explain something… and this is important…

…if you’re good, your clients will follow you if a gym closes.  You’ll keep your clients as long as you treat them right.  Focus on being the best, and you don’t have to be afraid.

Now… you should understand why you need to be working at only one gym.  And if this is helpful, then check out my e-class because what I’m showing you here is just the tip of the iceberg!

You see, the e-class shows you how to get into any gym you want and even how to transition if you’re working a full-time or part-time job.  And then…

You’ll get the best-kept secrets for how to get clients fast so you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.  (In fact, you can easily start making $4,000 a month in just 6 months!)

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