Personal Training – How to Create Amazing Client Experiences

Personal Training - How to Create Amazing Client Experiences
When it comes to personal training and how to create amazing client experiences, you need a system.  That means that you have something that’s consistent and that you do for every single client that you work with.

Granted, each client will require differences in training, nutrition, and how you relate to them, but the system should be the same… it’s what creates amazing experiences for your clients.

This post looks at systems and how you can create a high-end system that gives your clients an incredible experience.


What is a Personal Training System?

It’s not a workout regimen or nutrition program.  That is part of a system.

The type of system I’m talking about is a business system.

If you study successful companies (Disney comes to mind), they have systems so that each client gets the same amazing treatment and walks away feeling amazing.

Your clients should get the same!

From the moment you engage with a potential client, your system should be at work and be the same for everyone.

Here are some pieces of a system:

  1. How you greet your (potential) clients
  2. What measurements you take and how often
  3. Before and after pictures
  4. If you text your clients and how often
  5. Etc…

A system allows you to hire other trainers and maintain quality control.  It’s what allows you to grow and consistently dazzle your clients.


Applying Systems to Your Training

Most trainers are very inconsistent.  They rarely do the same things for each client, and it can come back to bit them – especially if clients share what they get from you and they think you play favorites.

So how do you do it?

How do you come up with a system to rock your business?


You spend some time thinking about how you can do things different – something special and better than other trainers around you.

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and consider what would make their experience so special, they would stay with you forever AND tell all their friends about you!

Let’s do some brainstorming together:

  • what if you offered complimentary bottled water to your clients and you had a water and fresh towel waiting for them when they came for their session?
  • how about if you made it a point to compliment your client about something before or after each session so they knew that you noticed their hard work and effort?
  • what can your first meeting with a potential client look like?  Do you give them a handout that has some valuable nutrition and training tips so they will keep your number handing and feel like you’ve given them value even though they haven’t even paid you yet?

These are just a few simple systems you could put in place that would raise your level of service and separate you from the other trainers… anywhere.

It costs almost nothing, but the value is tremendous!


Putting Together a System

Once you pick services that will make you stand out, you need to set up your system.

This means that every client, every day, gets the same treatment across the board.  Your system is like a robot – it is always the same.

Let’s imagine for a second that you are about to hire two trainers to help grow your business… (even if you don’t ever plan on hiring trainers, this visualization will help you hone your own business)…

If they came in for the first day of work with you, what procedures would you show them?

How would they greet the clients? 
What should they say to potential clients? 
How should they interact with other members of the gym? 
What are the rules for putting together training and nutrition programs? 
When do they take measurements and what measurements do they take?

When you think about these systems, it will allow you to create and define the system you want your brand to stand for and what you should be doing with your own clients.

If you do want to grow eventually, you must first master your own system so you can train other trainers to be competent as well.


Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any questions or if you’re already using systems.  If you are, let’s talk about how to make them even better so your clients fall in love with you and your company!


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