Personal Training – 1 hour sessions vs. 30 minute sessions

Personal Training - 1 hour sessions vs. 30 minute sessions

Dear Friend,

Personal training is known for one-hour routines; but is a one hour session vs a 30 minute session all that much better?

Let’s take a look.

I’m about to reveal why you’re going to want to change your sessions to 30-minutes… and how to increase your income in the process!

You know, one hour sessions are by far the most common schedule structure for training.  In fact, most people (when shopping for trainers) will ask about cost in terms of hour blocks/sessions.

But… the hour session is more traditional than functional…

In fact, 30-minute sessions are much more advantageous and productive for you when you know how to use them.  The only potential downside is when some people might be concerned with how good a workout they will get in just 30 minutes.


If you do things right this won’t be an issue at all…

But first, let’s look at why trainers still do hour-long sessions – even though they are inferior:

Firstly, it’s the norm.  People are used to one-hour segments so you don’t have to overcome any hurdles when it comes to time & value.  You’re working with the standard.

Secondly, hour-long sessions give trainers more room to rest and talk during the session.  This can be nice if a few of your clients consistently show up 10 minute late or so.

Additionally, hour-long sessions allow some flexibility in terms of how fast a trainer goes with a client based on their skill level…


60-minute Sessions Cap Your Income And Schedule Almost Immediately

Listen, an hour is a commitment for time.  People are getting more and more busy these days, and an hour session can seem like a huge chunk.

In addition, the hour-long session can seem long at times and can be mentally daunting for you and your clients at times.

And… hour-long sessions cost more.  Maybe not per hour, but more overall.  If a typical hour session costs $65, and a 30-minute session costs $40, the client is spending 60% more overall for their fitness.

And this can be out of peoples’ budgets.

Plus, hour-long sessions are less flexible in terms of scheduling.  Moving 60-minute blocks around is much tougher than moving 30-minute blocks around.  Additionally, if a client cancels, that’s a big chunk of time that you end up sitting around.

What’s more… hour-long sessions become stale and boring.  It’s harder to constantly fill an hour than it is a fast and furious 30-minute workout.

And that’s why 30-minute sessions have tremendous benefits:

They are more flexible for scheduling; they cost less overall for your client but allow you to make more money for your time; they’re more fun for you and your clients; and they fit more peoples’ schedules and lifestyle.

In addition, the 30-minute workouts go fast, they’re more fun, and clients love them because they get a harder workout in less time.

The results of 30-minute vs. hour-long workouts are pretty much the same.  There aren’t significant differences… and clients are paying for results.

And here’s the best part:

When you use 30-minute sessions correctly, you can give yourself the potential to make far more money than using hour-long sessions…

Let’s look at an example…

  1. Hour-Long Workouts:
    1. You need 12 clients each training 3x per week.  That’s a 36-hour work week (full time).
    2. That’s 36 sessions at $65 per session… this equals  $2,340 per week
    3. That’s about $9,400 per month
  2. 30-minute workouts:
    1. You have 20 clients each training 3x per week.  That’s a 30 hour work week
    2. That’s 60 sessions at $40 per session… this equals $2,400 per week
    3. That’s about $9,600 per month
    4. HOWEVER, you have room for another eight clients
      1. That would be 28 clients training 3x per week (that’s 42 hours a week)
      2. That’s 84 sessions at $40 per session… this equals $3,360 per week
      3. That’s $13,500 per month!

In this example, you could make about $4,000 more per month using the 30-minute sessions.

I use the 30-minute sessions because they allow me to be more flexible and have time for other endeavors like this website.

In fact, the only way I’m able to make $80,000 a year while only working 3-4 days a week is by using 30-minute sessions.

When I was working full time, I was doing 250 30-minute sessions per month.  That’s 250 x $40… or $10,000 per month!  It was very rewarding and I loved my work.

Yes, you can do both 30-minute and hour-long workouts.  But, in my experience, doing both is harder and…

…It weakens your brand and wreaks havoc on your schedule

In the end, it’s your preference and your brand.  However, when you discover how to use 30-minute sessions your business will explode!

Hundreds of trainers have changed to 30-minute sessions after taking my e-class where I show you exactly how to set them up…

And you know what?

These trainers are now making more money than they were before AND working half the time.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

“I specifically took Stu’s class so I could keep earning what I was making, but cut my schedule in half.  I was making a good income – about $5,500 a month, but I have a new child and I was working 70 hours a week.  Stu said he was making $80,000 and working three or four days a week so I figured he could teach me how to do the same.

“Stu showed me so many new lead generating methods, I got even more clients than I had before while being able to scale my schedule down.  Now I’m working half the time.”

— Josh Wilson, St. Louis, Missouri

OK… so by now you should see just how powerful 30-minute sessions are.  And when you set them up right, you will be astounded by how they help your business and income.

Leave me a comment and let me know.  Let me know if you have questions.


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