Marketing for Personal Trainers – The Most Important Element

marketing for personal trainers
OK trainers!  Listen up!  This is one of the most important posts for marketing for personal trainers.  It’s a non-negotiable….

That means that this element is a must for marketing if you want to make a great living as a personal trainer and get a pipeline of new clients.

Here’s the thing… I’ve been training for almost 20 years now.  I’ve met and trained with a lot of other trainers and I can tell you that 9 out of 10 trainers don’t do what I’m about to tell you… and guess what…

They end up failing.  They don’t get many new clients.  They struggle to make a living.

So let’s look at what this marketing element is…


A Personal Trainer’s Most Important Marketing Element

So what is the most important marketing element for personal trainers?

  • Business Cards?
  • A Killer Website?
  • Being Fit?
  • Flyers?
  • Beautiful Ads?

No… no… and NO!

The most important marketing elements – hands down – is having amazing before and after pictures of your clients.


Because it’s a PROOF ELEMENT.  It proves that you create results that people actually want.

It may seem obvious, but like I said – only 1 out of 10 trainers actually take the time to collect before and after pictures.

Most trainers don’t because – quite honestly – they’re terrible trainers and they don’t get results.

But even good trainers fail to take the time.  They don’t understand how important before and after pictures are.  They think a website or flyers are going to do the trick.  Or maybe their clients will just tell other people to train with them…

Referrals are good, but they’re much harder to get

The Power of Before and After Pictures

When I was personal training in a big gym with 10 other trainers, I got 80% of the new clients simply because I had a wall will about 16 before and after photos.

In fact, the other trainers complained so much and wanted the gym to make me take them down.  I convinced the gym owner that the new policy should be that every trainer can hang their before and after pictures.

He agreed because I told him it would make the whole training department look better.

Guess how many trainers put up before and after pictures: ZERO!

When new members came into the gym, they immediately saw the before and after pictures and asked about them.  My logo was on them, and the pictures had every type of person: young, old, male, female, and different races.

There was a picture for everyone.

When you have before and after pictures, you don’t even need a resume.  The proof is in the pudding.  Potential clients instantly consider you an expert.


Getting Before and After Photos

If you’re new, obviously you won’t have any before and after pictures.  But there are two options to get some fast.


Option 1 – Use your own before and after picture

If you became a trainer because you lost a bunch of weight and transformed your body, then good news!

Put your before and after picture up everywhere.

People will love to hear your story.  And the fact that you transformed your body will be very inspiring and persuasive for people to train with you.

But… once you start training clients, make damn sure you take a before and after picture of EVERYONE!  


Option 2 – Hold a Contest

Every year, I do a New Year’s Contest.  It does two things… first, it brings in new clients that end up training with me long-term.  Second, I get 30 people that make huge gains in several weeks and I get a ton of before and after pictures!

You can do a contest any time.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Summer body contest
  2. Back to school contest
  3. Spring into summer contest
  4. New Year’s Contest
  5. Valentines – love your body contest

You can start a contest at any time of year.  Even if you’re the new trainer at the gym… you could use that as a reason to do a contest.

A contest should be relatively cheap.  I found that 8-weeks is the ideal duration.  I personally structure my contests as one weekly group workout with a weigh-in before each workout.  Typically I charge about $125 for the contest.

I also give special discounts on my personal training prices for the duration of the contest.


OK… so get your before and after pictures now!  Don’t wait!  Get them now!

If you are your own success story, get your pictures up everywhere!

This one element alone will grow your business faster than the other marketing elements combined!


Now, I know you probably have some questions, so leave a comment below so I can help make sure you’re ready!


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