Is Online Personal Training Any Good?

Is online personal training any good?

Dear Friend,

I’m about to explain why online training should be avoided… and… why you can make much more money – faster – by doing in-person training!

Here’s the thing:  Personal trainers are constantly asking me, “Is online personal training any good?”

There are so many apps, video calling services, and other ways that a person can train online and also get trained online… but is this the wave of the future?

Is this something you should focus your efforts on?

Or should you build your training business as a physical business.

The answer is two fold, and I will explain in this article!

First, let’s look at why so many trainers believe online training is better:

  1. You’re reach is world-wide
  2. You can potentially take on more clients (and have access to more clients)
  3. It’s possible to work from home

Online gives you access to the world, which is substantially more people than in your city.  Personal training online also offers a different type of flexibility you simply can’t get if you work at a gym and train people face-to-face.


These benefits simply cannot outweigh the costs, and you’ll see why in-person training is still the best way to start your business…

Now, if you’re determined to train online… I’ll also share how to transition into an online business once you’ve build a solid foundation training people face-to-face.

Let’s take a look…

There are just some things that are better in the flesh…

And in my experience, an in-person training relationship does several things online training just can’t compete with:

  1. There’s more accountability
  2. The workouts are infinitely better
  3. You build a relationship
  4. It’s easier to sense what’s going on with a client
  5. You can physically position your clients in the best anatomical positions possible
  6. You’re able to do on-the-spot body fat testing when necessary

First of all, when you have to see someone and look them in the eye, you substantially increase their level of accountability.

We are humans.

And we’re meant to interact with others, and part of that is being able to interact at a heart-level.  This cannot be done very well online.

Second, when you’re with a client, their workouts are infinitely better than if they’re simply following a routine.  You’re their to push them, to position them, to spot them, and to get more out of them (while being safe) than they could on their own.  There’s absolutely NO substitute for this!

Additionally, when you’re right next to someone, you can sense what’s going on with them – if they’re hurting, having a bad day, need to talk, etc… something you rarely get online.

You can also take stats on a moments notice and adjust your routine immediately if necessary.

Some of these things can be done online, but will terrible quality.

Let’s face it, there have been in-home programs, online programs and virtual trainers for years, but the majority of people want an in-person trainer.


Consider why a person hires a trainer:

  1. They want someone waiting for them to keep them accountable
  2. A trainer will physically push them through a workout
  3. Only an in-person trainer can make sure they’re doing everything safely
  4. They want someone to talk to while they workout (and to build a friendship with)
  5. Having a trainer allows them to feel comfortable in the gym
  6. And many more reasons you can’t get online

Now, many trainers tell me they want to train online because they think it will be easier to build clientele but there’s something you need to understand:

Online Training Makes It Much Harder To Start Your Business…

And there are several reasons:

  1. Online is more competitive
  2. People spend less online than in-person
  3. Many people only want a routine and not an actual trainer (and they’re willing to spend less)
  4. It’s harder to stand out online

When you train online, there is a lot more competition.  It’s much harder to stand out because there are 10x or even 100x more trainers trying to train online.

Similarly, the internet is full of free programs and routines, so it’s more difficult to convince a person to pay for yours.


There is a way to use the online space in conjunction with in-person training:

Here’s the deal:  The best way to start is in-person training.  If you know how to get started, and how to build your business, you can easily make $70,000 and more.  And my e-class shows you exactly how to do this in under 6 months.  In fact, I guide you step-by-step so you can’t fail.

Remember, I’m currently making about $80,000 training, and it’s only recently I created my online businesses.

Overall, the best way to succeed online is to sell products that compliment your training.

For example:  Some people make their own supplements and sell them.  Other people write books and other programs and sell those.  I know some very successful trainers that train in-person and then sell leadership and mental toughness materials online to compliment the physical aspect of training.

The sky is the limit.  But the point is: once you’re a great trainer in the flesh, you can develop a solid reputation to take online.  Your in-person clients can also be your online clients, and they can give you great testimonials.


P.S. Leave me a comment if you agree or disagree and we’ll have a great conversation!

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