How to Make Group Personal Training Profitable!

(And The Secret To Get Clients To Stay In The Group For Years!)

How to Make Group Personal Training Profitable

Dear Friend,

I’m about to show you why you need to be doing group training… and… how it can easily add $1,000 a month to your income almost immediately!

Listen, I’ve met and worked with a lot of trainers, and very few of them know how to make group personal training profitable.

Many trainers never even do group training.

And This Is A Huge Mistake

So I’m going to share the pros and cons of group training so you can decide if you want to incorporate that into your brand, business, and training structure.

If you want to know about pricing in general, you can read my previous article: How To Price Your Sessions

Personal Training Sales: The Art of the Sale Part 1

Personal Training Sales

Personal trainers generally hate sales.  I hated sales when I started.

I was afraid I would come across as slimy or desperate… and I wasn’t all that great at sales either.

The only reason I persisted was because when I was in college I started asking how to become a successful trainer.  A good friend and mentor of mine told me, “Stu, if you’re going to succeed as a personal trainer, you need to know sales!”

How To Transition Into Personal Training From A Job (Full-Time OR Part-Time)

transition into personal training from a job

Dear Friend,

If you’re like most people, your job is creating your living income.  And it’s scary going from a somewhat guaranteed paycheck to uncertainty.  But in the end it can be very worthwhile.

And this message is going to explain how to transition so you keep your “job income” while building your “training income” at the same time!

Do Personal Trainers Need Business Cards

do personal trainers need business cards

Does this sound familiar?  You get certified as a personal trainer then do everything the “experts” recommend for building a business:

  1. Get business cards
  2. Put up a website
  3. Get a special email address
  4. Start trying to “market” yourself

I see most trainers do these things.  But do personal trainers need business cards?

For the most part it’s a waste of time.  I’m going to explain why these conventional tools are unnecessary as a personal trainer.

How Much Should You Charge For Your Personal Training Sessions? (This Answer Might Surprise You!)


Dear Friend,

Did you know most personal trainers set their prices too low?

It’s true.  In fact, most personal trainers have no clue how much to charge… heck you may be wondering the same thing.

Well, you’re in luck.  This post will give you an easy process that shows you how to set your pricing to stand out and attract great clients.  You will also learn the biggest mistakes personal trainers make when setting their pricing.

How to Get a Job At Your Dream Gym – Personal Trainers

Building A Personal Training Business

You’re a certified personal trainer.  You’ve done your research on the best gym that will help you grow your business fast… now you need to know how to get a job as a personal trainer at your ideal gym.

You have one shot to get the job…

The art of interviewing doesn’t need to be difficult.  But you do need to be prepared because you only get one chance to make your impression. You only get one chance to prove yourself.

But let’s back up a little…

Before you even call the gym of your dreams, you need to do a few “dry run” interviews at other gyms so you know what to expect.

Personal Trainers – What Type of Gym is Right For You …

Personal Trainers Choosing The Right Type of Gym

Dear Friend,

OK …  you’ve got your certification and you’re ready to live your dream helping people and making good money… but there’s a problem…

Where do you start… Where do you go to give yourself the best chance of being successful?

I’m about to answer that question. And I’m going to give you some insights you haven’t even thought of yet.