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Yes!  Stu, I’m in! Please register me immediately for the “Advanced Secrets of Successful Personal Training” e-class which includes 8 lessons over the period of 8 weeks…

I realize the value of this exciting new program… and… and I want to start making $60,000.00… $70,000.00… even $100,000.00 a year while only working 3-4 days per week!

I understand this is an entirely risk-free proposition… in fact… better than risk free as I can sign up today and pay nothing for 30 days while I decide if the e-class is right for me.  If for any reason it isn’t, I can cancel and never be billed a single penny.

I understand each lesson will be recorded  and posted in case I cannot attend the live showing.  I also understand I will have access to the program for a full year.

In addition… since I am one of the 21 students enrolling… I get the Six incredible bonuses worth $2,750.00:

    • Incredible Bonus #1: Stu’s Out-Of-The-Box, Road-Tested Templates (A $500 value!) You will get dozens of Stu’s most effective, ready-to-use templates for pricing sheets, workout logs, liability forms, client tracking sheets, nutrition plans, cardio programs, marketing flyers, sales letters and flyers. All you have to do is “plug-and-play” with your name and logo!
    • Incredible Bonus #2: Real-Life Sales Training Recordings with Stu (A $350 Value!) These are actual recordings of sales conversations between Stu and new clients. Stu will explain what happens when a client doesn’t sign up and also what he does to sell a client $698 worth of training and nutrition programs so you can understand exactly what causes clients to sign up or not.
    • Incredible Bonus #3: Two Months Full Access to Stu’s Exclusive Mastermind (A $1,000 Value!) Every two weeks, Stu gets on a call with you and a small group of trainers.  You all hold each other accountable and come up with cutting-edge ideas to grow your business fast and make sure you stay on track.
    • Incredible Bonus #4: A Full Business Audit with Stu (A $400 Value!) Stu will personally call you and audit your business.  He will explain exactly what you can do – simple changes – that will easily help you add $1,000.00 – $2,000.00 per month to your business and make your clients fall even more in love with you so they never leave!
    • Incredible Bonus #5: The “Online Training” E-course (A $500 Value!) Stu guides you step-by-step on how to use online training without hurting your business, what software to use and the best way to implement it into your business.  He also explains the biggest mistakes and misconceptions about online training that bankrupt many trainers.
    • Incredible Bonus #6: The “Group Training Secrets” Course (A $350 Value!) Stu shows you how to set up group training, get clients enrolled and price your group training packages… and even how to structure the training sessions so your clients get a ton of value and stay in the group forever. For instance, Stu shows you how he has been able to keep his groups for over five years and how you can do the same. He even explains how you can use group training to “save” clients who want to cancel with you.
    • Incredible Bonus #7: A “Mystery Bonus” (A $500-$700 Value!)

And last, I understand that I have a full 365 days to “road test” Stu’s program.  If for some reason I’m the first person it doesn’t work for, Stu will give me double my money back once I provide proof that I gave it an honest try.