The One Fundamental You Need To Be Doing To Constantly Get New Clients…

The One Personal Training Fundamental You Need To Be Doing To Constantly Get New Clients...

Dear Friend,

Part of being a successful trainer is taking action. And most of the time you need to be taking action over and over again – not just once.

In fact, most trainers who don’t succeed think they only need to do something once… and they’ll get tons of clients and be set.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Instead, you need to do just a few small things consistently.

So I shot a short video for your explaining what I would do if I could only pick one thing!

How to Get a Job At Your Dream Gym – Personal Trainers

Building A Personal Training Business

You’re a certified personal trainer.  You’ve done your research on the best gym that will help you grow your business fast… now you need to know how to get a job as a personal trainer at your ideal gym.

You have one shot to get the job…

The art of interviewing doesn’t need to be difficult.  But you do need to be prepared because you only get one chance to make your impression. You only get one chance to prove yourself.

But let’s back up a little…

Before you even call the gym of your dreams, you need to do a few “dry run” interviews at other gyms so you know what to expect.

Personal Trainers – What Type of Gym is Right For You …

Personal Trainers Choosing The Right Type of Gym

Dear Friend,

OK …  you’ve got your certification and you’re ready to live your dream helping people and making good money… but there’s a problem…

Where do you start… Where do you go to give yourself the best chance of being successful?

I’m about to answer that question. And I’m going to give you some insights you haven’t even thought of yet.